🐿️ Animal Jokes & Puns – The Ultimate Collection (1000+ Jokes)

Welcome to the ultimate collection of animal jokes! This is the only resource you’ll ever need if you are running low on animal jokes and puns to share with your friends and family.

You’ll find various farm animals, wild animals, fish, birds, and much more! You name it – we have it here.

Let’s dive right in!

Farm Animal Jokes

farm animal jokes

Do you or your kids enjoy barnyard animals and would like to see if we have anything for you?

Here is our collection of the funniest jokes and puns about farm animals:

Wild Animal Jokes

wild animal jokes

If you’re a fan of the wilderness and exciting safari trips, this is the section for you!

Coming up – the collection of the funniest jokes and puns about wild animals:

Water Animal Jokes

water animal jokes

Now, we’re taking a dive into the deep waters and trying to see if fish will bring anything funny for us!

No doubt about that – here is our brief list of jokes and puns about fish:

There isn’t all that much variety here, but we still felt they deserve a separate category. Once you check out the jokes, we bet you will agree 🙂

Bird Jokes

bird animal jokes

Down from the deep waters, up into the open sky! (Except for penguins – sorry about that, guys.)

Moving forward with our flying (for the most part) friends, take a look at the funniest bird jokes we have to share:

If there is a particular bird at whose expense you would like to laugh on, feel free to let us know, and we’ll expand the list.

Other Animal Jokes

random animal jokes

We’re wrapping up our list with other animal jokes which you may find funny (even the extinct ones!).

Here is what we have in store for you:

  • Dinosaur Jokes
  • Cat Jokes
  • Dog Jokes
  • Bee Jokes
  • Turtle Jokes
  • Bug Jokes
  • Frog Jokes
  • Snake Jokes

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