🍕 Food Jokes & Puns – The Ultimate Collection (1000+ Jokes)

Welcome to the ultimate collection of food jokes! This is the most complete collection you’ll find out there.

Whether you are having a dinner date, or waiting for your friends for a pizza night, we got you covered.

Let’s dive right in!

Fruits & Vegetables Food Jokes

We are starting off our list with the healthiest choices first – fruits and vegetable jokes coming right up! These are guaranteed to help you spice up every meal and healthy snack.

fruits and vegetables jokes

Drinks & Beverages – Food Jokes

food jokes about drinks

Let’s freshen up with a beverage of your choice! Feel free to pick out anything from the list below and have a few laughs with your friends:

We’re always looking for suggestions to expand our list of jokes about specific drinks. If you have an idea or two, please reach out through our contact page!

Other Food Jokes

For all of us with a sweet tooth or that special place in our belly reserved for “junk” food, we will wrap our list with a selection of various food jokes – from pizzas to ice creams. Read on!

junk food jokes

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