47 Hilarious Deez Nuts Jokes – The Ultimate Dirty List

Let’s face it – humor is always better with a bit of immaturity and just a pinch of dirty thinking.

Today, we are presenting you with the best, most hilarious deez nuts jokes you will come across anywhere on the internet! We guarantee that this list will keep you prepared for any opportunity where you might need a famous immature or messed up joke in your arsenal.

Let’s see what deez nuts jokes are in the first place and then jump straight into the list!

Best deez nuts jokes.

What Is a Deez Nuts Joke?

A ‘deez nuts’ joke is a straightforward but hilarious type of humor consisting of: 

  • replying to any random question somewhat may ask with the legendary response: Deez nuts!
  • coming up with a unique pun that makes this legendary phrase shine.

It’s usually a sign of lack of interest in the current topic of the conversation or simply a way to mess with your friends. The primary purpose of every deez nuts joke is to catch the other person off guard, and it does that exceptionally well most of the time.

But, what is that term referring to in the first place?

Simply put, deez nuts are a man’s testicles. Apparently, jokes involving a random cameo of man’s crown jewels are the peak of humor – and we are not here to argue with that!

How Did This Trend Start?

The first person to use this phrase was Dr. Dre in his album Chronic, all the way back in 1992. However, we believe this legendary video of a prank call by Welvin Harris (or Welven Da Great) popularised it:

If you haven’t watched the video before, we highly recommend it. Nevertheless, without further ado, let’s start with our list!

The Best Deez Nuts Jokes

1. Do you like dragons?


Well, I’ll be draggin’ deez nuts across your face.


2. You missed a bit of that bofa on your cheek.

What’s bofa?

Bofa (translate: both of) deez nuts!


3. You need to shut up before you end up like Ken.

Ken, who?

Can deez nuts fit in your mouth?


4. Have you heard of e10? The spaceship?

No, what’s that?

E10 deez nuts!


5. Excuse me but do you like Wendys?

Yes, why?

Great, you are going to love when deez nuts hit you in the face.


6. Guys, I just got diagnosed with SoDN!

Oh, no – what is that?

Suck on deez nuts!


7. You’ll never guess who I saw hanging out together.


Deez nuts!


8. Roses are red, Covid is worse than the flu, can I quarantine deez nuts inside of you?


9. I have a bunch of old albums; would you like 2 CDs?

Sure, thanks, dude!

To see deez nuts.


10. Do you know what tugboats are?

Well, some kind of boat?

Yes, tug on deez nuts!


11. My favorite brand of orange juice is Sunny D. Do you like it?

No, I’ve never tried Sunny D.

Sunny deez nuts!


12. Robin Williams starred in this great movie called House of D.

Really? I have to see it when I get the chance.

Yes, House of Deez nuts!


13. Would you like to have some of my goodies?

What do you have?

A bag of good Deez Nuts!


14. Can I borrow your pen?

Why don’t you borrow deeeeez nuts?


15. Have you seen my new hoodie anywhere?

What hoodie?

Who deez nuts!


16. Have you ever been to Chewons?

No. What’s Chewons?

Chew on deez nuts.


17. Would you like to get ice cream? We can try a new taste.

Yes, why not!

Well, you can see how deez nuts taste!


18. Are tulips your favorite flower?

No, not really.

That’s weird. You are going to love your two lips on deez nuts!


19. I wonder what will happen with DN after the election.

What’s DN?

Deez Nutz!


20. I met a person from out of town today. They are Ugondese.

I’ve never heard of that country, where is it?

Oh, just look up Ugon Deez Nuts.


21. I need some of these.

Some of what?

Some of deez nuts.


22. Have you heard of Putin?

Yes, of course.

Well, put in deez nuts!


23. Why are B and C afraid of D?

Because deez nuts!

Funny List of Deez Nuts Jokes

List of deez nuts jokes.

24. I heard you got two Ds in math.

No, I didn’t. Where did you hear that?

You got deez nuts!


25. Hey, Dee was asking about you this morning.

Who is Dee?

Deez Nuts!


26. Have you seen the new movie called Bofa?

Bofa? What’s it about?

Bofa deez nuts.


27. Are you a fan of parodies?

Yes, to an extent.

Well, you are going to love a pair of deez nuts!


28. Have you ever gone to a trade expo?

Yes, I love expos!

Expose deez nuts then!


29. Excuse me, are you a fan of pudding?

Mostly yes, why do you ask?

How about pudding deez nuts in your mouth?


30. I heard you like Suko, is that true?

Who on Earth is Suko?

Sukon deez nuts!


31. Hey man, do you know what 2×4 is?

Eight, I guess.

Well, eight deez nuts!


32. Are you hungry? Want to grab something to eat?

Sure, why not.

Well, you can have some of deez nuts.


33. Do you like New York Yankees?

No, not a huge fan.

How about you yank on deez nuts!


34. Did you hear about what happened in Norway?

No, what happened?

Norway deez nuts can fit in your mouth.


35. Hey, do you like Chef Boyardee?

Who’s that?

Chef Boy-Are-Deez nuts tasty!


36. Do you know Candice?

Candice who?

Can deez nuts fit in your mouth?


37. I think Dee is hitting on me.

Who’s Dee?

Deez Nuts!


38. Have you met my friend Phillip?

Phillip who?

Phillip on deez nuts.


39. I think there’s a goblin in my beer.

What? A goblin?

Yes, goblin deez nuts!


40. I wanted to ask you something about Kenya.


Kenya fit deez nuts in your mouth?


41. Unbelievable! They’ve been together for almost 30 years!

Who has?

Deez nuts!


42. Do you know a guy named Barry?

Yes, I do.

Well, Barry deez nuts!


43. Go sit on that over there.

Sit on what?

Sit on deez nuts!


44. It’s been a long time since we last went out with Heidi.

Is that an old friend? I don’t know Heidi.

No, but you can hide deez nuts!


45. Hope is all we have.

What are you talking about?

Hope deez nuts can fit in your mouth.


46. Landon is a crazy dude.

Who’s Landon?

Landon deez nuts!


47. Do you want to play?

Play what?

Play with deez nuts.

Your Turn

We hope you had a great laugh and are now ready to annoy your friends with your new set of jokes. Now, we would love to hear from you:

What’s your favorite deez nuts joke?

Share it with us in the comments below?

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