11 Weird Subreddits You Really Need to Check Out Today

As we already know, Reddit is an amazing place for all kinds of stuff. You can find some interesting hobbies, useful hacks or valuable advice.

Also, when it comes to exploring new and fun topics, weird subreddits are a place to go.

In this article, we have prepared for you 11 weird subreddits you need to check out today!

Let’s jump right into it!

11 Weird Subreddits You Really Need to Check Out Today

Weird Subreddits List

#1 Human Arms on Birds

If you are looking for some weirdest yet funny subreddits, then this one is a must checkout for you. It is a very famous community that was created in June 2011 with above 580 thousand members. 

People are editing pictures of birds and adding hands to their bodies which make this subreddit hilarious.

Birds are so funny with human hands in different life situations. You can even contribute and create something interesting for weird subreddits.

#2 Stapled Bread to Trees 

Here comes a really weird subreddit.

If you want to explore some trees with stapled bread on them, this is a place to go.

The group was created in the March of 2017, and currently, around 291 thousand people are part of it. People from all around the world staple different loaves of bread in a different manner. 

#3 Fishes that are Yelling 

Have you ever seen yelling and shouting fishes due to agony? If not, then you need to check this subreddit post right away. The community was first created in the July of 2012. 

Due to a strange subreddit, the number of members is 11.6 thousand. Therefore, you will find numerous posts with fishes having open mouths as you have never seen before.

#4 Animals without Necks 

Can you imagine any living being without a neck? If not, then you need to become a part of this bizarre group on Reddit. It consists of images full of animals without necks.

Yes, they are as strange as they sound. From horses to sheep and squirrels, numerous posts are going to leave you in awe. 

Initially, the group was created on 11th October in 2012 with around 42.4 thousand followers for now.

Subreddits to join

#5 Discussions of Evil Masterminds 

With the name, my evil plan, the community is all about evil people.

Undoubtedly, there is a devil inside all of us. The main purpose of the group is to get all devilish minds together.

Here people post all their evil plans, and others offer some solutions and advice. It can be a great evil scheme or a small prank, but it will definitely be something evil.

The community was created in August 2012 and has around thirty-seven thousand followers.

#6 The Rarest and Weirdest Eggs 

As the name suggests, this subreddit is all about some of the weirdest eggs you have seen on the internet. The community was first introduced in the February of 2013. 

There are more than thirty-six thousand members who are part of the community. You will see eggs of different shapes, sizes, and colors on the page.

#7 Humans with Plastic Horse Masks 

The subreddit might crack you up when you visit the page yourself and see the images there. Initially, the group was created on 17th August in 2011.

Currently, there are around nine thousand two-hundred members in the group. All the people in the group keep crazily posting pictures with horse masks. Some are a laughing stock, and the others are very strange to look at.

#8 Discussing the Fifth World Issues

You must have heard about first-world problems, second-world problems, and third-world problems, but have you ever heard about fifth-world problems? 

If not, you need to check this subreddit to read some of the awkward problems beyond the actual-world issues. The group was first created in April 2011 and had one hundred and fifty-seven thousand members in it.

Fun and Weird Subreddits

#9 All the Uninteresting Things

Can you ever think of a subreddit given significance for something that is not interesting?

Well, you need to check out all the uninteresting things.

It is one of the weirdest ones on the internet as it contains some random stuff. The group was created in May 2012 and has approximately five hundred and twenty-three thousand members right now.

#10 Stories that Do Not Matter

The pointless stories subreddit contains, well… pointless stories. However, when you read the about of the group, even that tells that these are stories that no one wants to hear. 

So, tens of thousands of people post random and uninteresting stories that are absolute of no point, but people share and even read. Hence, the page has been very famous since October 2013, with around sixty-three thousand members.

#11 Beans in the Strangest of Things 

This subreddit is the heart of weird subreddits. Beans in the strangest of things will show you beans in all kinds of settings.  

You need to check this group as it consists of posts from people who post pictures of beans in the decoration, clocks, donuts, etc.

The group was formed on 2nd March 2017 and had around one hundred and seventy thousand followers.

Your Turn!

We hope that you had a good laugh with these weird subreddits. 

Now, we would love to hear from you!

What are some of the weird subreddits you have joined?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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