75 Best Conversation Starters for Couples to Build Intimacy

Starting a conversation can be tricky, especially when we know someone for so long. We may think that we already know every detail about our partner’s life, preferences, and wishes.

However, to better understand your partner and build intimacy with them, you need to ask some interesting new questions. Although some people are great at conversation starters for couples, some of us do not know how to give a green signal to our partners.

Read the following article and find some of the best conversation starters for couples without any second thoughts. You are going to be amazed at how far the conversations will go for both of you.

So, good luck!

Conversation Starters for Couples

Best Conversation Starters for Couples 

1. If you could spend a year of your life in a place, which place would you choose and with whom?

2. What are the top five rules that you live by?

3. What makes a person attractive, in your opinion?

4. Could you list the top three crazy things that you want to try someday?

5. What is the worst phase of your life yet, and how did that make you who you are today?

6. How would you sum up your life in ten minutes?

7. Suppose I am your genie, and I am here to fulfill three wishes of yours. What would those three wishes be?

8. What is the role of relationships in your life?

9. You only have one chance to pick up a thing from inside the burning house. What would it be and why?

10. Would you mind telling me your top five worst and best traits?

11. Is there a thought that makes you smile every time?

12. Do you have a dream job?

13. Do you believe that you can stay friends with your ex?

14. What is the best piece of advice that you have gotten from your family?

15. Do you believe in life after death? 

16. Do you believe in heaven and hell?

17. Do you think cheating is a total deal-breaker?

18. Do you think there’s the ‘right’ person for you?

19. Have you ever tried to invent something?

20. Is there anything about me you may not know but want to know?

21. What makes you feel appreciated and loved?

22. What was your first thought of me when we met?

23. What is your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?

Conversation Starters for Couples

Funny Questions to Ask Your Partner

1. What are the top four most embarrassing things you have done on a date?

2. How did you think babies were born when you were a kid?

3. Let us suppose that you are given a chance to live on Mars for ten years. All you can take along is one sort of food, one drink, one movie, one book, and one person to survive. What would be your choice?

4. What is the craziest, embarrassing, and funny yet fantastic thing you think you have done in your life that you will never regret?

5. How would your cartoon character look like, and what superpowers would it possess?

6. Did your flirting ever go wrong? 

7. What was your oddest fear that you still laugh at when you think about it?

8. Do you remember the last time you laughed at a serious event and got caught up?

9. If you could have an extra body part, what would it be and why?

10. What are the three best dirty jokes you have ever had?

11. What is the thing that everyone seems stupid while doing?

12. What’s the weirdest thing a guest has made at your home?

13. What is the funniest thing you have seen in someone else’s house?

14. What would be the most fantastic animal to scale up to the size of an elephant?

15. What are some things that are okay to do but not okay to do every day?

16. Would you rather have intelligence or looks?

17. If you could meet one person today, who would you meet?

18. What are the hobbies you want to try with me?

19. Do you believe in horoscopes?

20. What would you name your boat if you had one?

21. Who is the greatest movie villain?

22. What’s the most exciting country you’ve ever visited?

23. What is the best name you could think of for a dog?

24. What’s the most delicious type of cheese for you?

25. Who is your favorite Disney character?

Conversation Starters for Couples - Couple Smiling

Romantic Questions to Ask Your Partner

1. Do you believe in the quote that says home is not about a place but a person?

2. How would you tell me I love you in three ways without telling me I love you?

3. If you were to spend a day with me however and anywhere you want, what would be a perfect one?

4. How would you explain us as a couple, and where do you see us in the next five years?

5. What are the ingredients you think that spice up relationships?

6. Could you describe what a soulmate is to you?

7. What is one romantic gesture that you would like to receive over and over again without getting tired of it?

8. How romantic are you on a scale of 1-10, and how romantic would you want your partner to be?

9. Tell me about the five adventures that you would love to have with me.

10. How would you tell someone we are a couple without telling them we are a couple?

11. Do we have our song?

12. How can I be a better person for you?

13. What do you think that I like about you the most?

14. Do you believe in destiny?

15. What’s your preferred non-physical attribute on me?

Couple laughing

Sexy Questions to Ask Your Partner

1. Is there a sexy song that you like?

2. Where would you most like to be kissed?

3. What’s the one thing I can do now to make you excited?

4. Do you have any concerns when it comes to sex?

5. Could you name the top three naughtiest things that you would like to do with your partner that you have not yet?

6. How important do you believe sex is to a connection?

7. How does the idea of getting stuck in a lift for three hours with me sound like?

8. Do you have any fantasies?

9. What is the best thing about our sex life?

10. Have you ever had sex in a vehicle?

11. Is there a sexy scene from a film that you like to recreate?

12. What do you think about edible underwear?

13. What would you think if I sent you a nasty photo?

14. Do you watch adult videos?

15. Did you ever play strip poker?

16. What’s your most favorite sexy outfit I wear?

17. What can we do to spice up our love life?

Conversation Starters for Couples

Your Turn!

We hope that you have found some exciting and new questions to ask your partner! 

Let us know in the comments which of them do you find the best conversation starters for couples. Also, if you have some interesting questions that we haven’t mentioned – we would be more than happy to hear them!

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