17 Extremely Weird Hobbies You Wouldn’t Believe Existed

Variety is the flavor of human life. Think about it – if we were all the same, we’d be bored out of our minds.

Even the dimension of human hobbies has its fair share of uniqueness in it. Believe it or not, the mainstream hobbies of reading, playing chess, and sketching are not the only options out there.

Today, we’re going to be covering 17 extremely weird hobbies that we’re sure are going to blow you away!

Weird hobbies.

#1 – Extreme ironing

Yes, you read that correctly. Extreme ironing is an extreme sport. It mostly consists of people ironing clothes in extreme settings.

Sometimes it is the crazy locations. How does ironing on a mountainside sound to you? Other times they do it while skiing or snowboarding.

We told you this list would get weird fast! Here is extreme ironing in action:

#2 – Stalking

This “hobby” might throw you off your seat for a moment. But stalking, especially its online version, is a very common hobby in the day of technology and social media, where all sorts of personal information are available on the internet. Some people like to peruse the lives of others to their heart’s content.

#3 – Snakeskin collecting

You may know people who collect stamps or bottle caps. But do you know anyone with a snakeskin collection?

There are quite a few people who enjoy the beauty of our legless, reptilian friends. Some of them go all the way in their appreciation of snakes.

Getting your hands on this collectible might be a dangerous task, though.

#4 – Knot-tying

Some people take enjoyment in tying all sorts of knots, and yes, they’re all adults. It can be a pretty fun activity that you may find useful at one time in your life.

While the notion of boy scouts and sailors might cross your mind, a lot of people enjoy trying knots on the regular. Most of them don’t have any association whatsoever to the prior mentioned groups – except for their love for tying knots.

#5 – Crowd-watching

As weird as it sounds, some people derive pleasure from watching crowds and group behaviors.

A less uncomfortable take on this bizarre hobby can be its comparison to anthropology. This science also entails the study and observation of groups.

But watching crowds on the regular still sounds pretty weird if you ask us.

#6 – Hacking

We all are very well aware of what hacking is and have probably been a victim of it at least once or twice in our lives. For the most part, people learn to hack for financial gain.

But have you thought that some people enjoy it to make other people’s lives miserable? Hence, it made its way into our list of weird hobbies. The important thing to note is that this one is also illegal!

#7 – Element collecting

Element collecting is a unique hobby that we’re sure you’ve never heard of before. It involves gathering all of the elements present in the periodic table through any available method.

It’s quite a risky hobby if you ask us, especially since some elements are radioactive, dangerous, and even poisonous.

#8 – Soap carving

This weird hobby is becoming extremely common.

Don’t believe us?

Just take a lot at the myriads of views on soap carving videos that you’ll find online, such as this one:

Soap carving has now become an art and, for some people, therapeutic. Soap carvers enjoy creating all kinds of sculptures and molds with just soap and their carving tools.

#9 – Bug collecting

No list of unusual hobbies would be complete without bug collecting, also known as the science of entomology.

People like to collect dead insects or live samples, which they preserve until, well, they’re dead. There is a lot to learn, and we are sure quite a few of you readers might enjoy this hobby.

However, keep in mind that certain notorious serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer enjoyed hobbies like this. We’re just saying.

#10 – News-raiding

Remember the last time you were watching the weather channel and saw a guy dancing behind the reporter? He might have been a news raider.

This weird hobby entails the active feat of pursuing news reporting entities to appear on television, even if it is only as a bystander.

It is becoming very common, and news raiders have also gained some popularity and acknowledgment for their efforts.

#11 – Barehand fishing

This unusual activity is also known as noodling.

People attempt to catch fish with only their bare hands and no fishing equipment whatsoever. Of course, this hobby requires much experience and very good hand-eye coordination to masterfully seize slippery fish that swim by in the blink of an eye.

#12 – Ghost hunting

We think some people took the blockbuster Ghost Hunters movie a bit too literally as they delve into the thrill of looking for and hunting ghosts.

The specifics of how people carry out this peculiar hobby are still a bit of a blur to outsiders. Nevertheless, there are genuine national events in which ghost hunting takes place and is encouraged and enjoyed.

#13 – Snowglobe making

The holiday season doesn’t have to end – ever! Snowglobe making is the number 13 on our list of weird hobbies, but it is a creator of many beautiful trinkets indeed.

With specialized tools and components, snowglobe makers let their imaginations run wild and create the snowglobe of their dreams. Imagine doing that, what a treat!

#14 – Stone skipping

Remember when you thought that stone skipping was just a flex you or one your friends would pull off to impress each other?

It turns out it’s a complete competitive hobby for those with slick hands. The goal is to make the stone skip on any water surface as many times as one can manage.

#15 – Suing

You heard that right – some people take suing others as a hobby. For such people, the enjoyment here lies in filing as many lawsuits as possible and then attempting to win battles legally.

Of course, it can be quite rewarding if one manages to win lawsuits or obtain hefty settlements. However, we can’t imagine it is a very relaxing hobby at the end of the day.

#16 – Car tattooing

Who said weird hobbies only have to refer to people? There are some freaky cars out there as well.

We’re kidding, of course. This hobby still exists, though.

People enjoy tracing and drawing patterns onto vehicles as a leisure activity. How would you feel about decorating the body of your car with patterns and sketches?

#17 – Tree shaping

Imagine gardening, but take it to a way slower and much more extreme place.

Tree shaping refers to the gradual and detailed growth of trees in the artistic shapes and structures that one desires. Sure, it might take years to complete even a single piece, but the outcome sure is fun.


That wraps up our list of 17 surprisingly weird hobbies!

We’re sure we’ve covered only some of the weird hobbies that are pursued and frequented all around the globe. The possibilities of more are always there.

Do you indulge in any of the hobbies mentioned above? Or do you have some other quirky activities you do in your free time?

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