How to Make Someone Laugh – 11 Proven & Hilarious Ways

Being the funny person in your social circle is a great thing! The ability to cheer anyone up (including yourself), even during the hardest of times, is a unique life skill that few people have.

It’s not every day that you run into such a person, but when you do, do you take note of how they do it? The question of the day here is:

How to make someone laugh?

That is exactly what we will be exploring in this article, giving you 11 proven ways to make almost anyone laugh. Keep in mind that there is no magic formula here – humor is still a skill, and you need to practice it consistently. However, these ideas might be what you need to get better at it faster.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

How to make someone laugh?

#1 – Be Positive & Cheerful

We start off with an obvious one.

The best way to make someone laugh is through your positive attitude towards life and the ability to see how wonderful it really is.

The key here, however, lies in how you go about it – don’t overdo it! If you become excited about every little thing around you suddenly, people will start thinking that you are being fake.

So how do you genuinely develop this skill?

It’s a pretty simple formula, really – the more positive thoughts and ideas you have in your mind, the better chance of them spilling out into real life!

To become cheerful as well, all it takes is one small change:

Smile more often – it works wonders!

Make sure always to act and think positively no matter how things might seem, and soon enough, you will be the person who cheers everyone up when they are down. It’s not hard – it just takes time and practice.

The best part about this is that it doesn’t cost anything at all. All it takes is a bit of effort from your side.

On top of that, there are many people out there with similar personalities (and therefore quite cheerful), so finding like-minded individuals won’t be difficult either!

#2 – Laugh at Yourself

One of the best secrets to how to make someone laugh is by being able to laugh at yourself – it allows you to let go and not take everything too seriously.

Believe it or not, people love self-deprecating humor! It makes them feel comfortable around you and opens up a lot more opportunities for having fun together.

So how do you learn how to be self-ironic?

It’s simple: just use what life throws at you as your personal source of entertainment!

If something embarrassing happens to you in front of everyone, don’t panic – instead, embrace it with humor and share a few laughs about how silly things can get sometimes. You will see that this will improve your and everyone else’s day significantly!

Learn how to make anyone laugh.

#3 – Laugh More in General

This one is very simple yet so often overlooked!

If you want to learn how to make someone laugh, then stop taking things seriously and just enjoy life more. Laughing will soon become a habit for you, and we all know how laughter can be incredibly contagious.

We are confident you have at least one friend whose laughter is funnier than the best comedy show in the world. You could be that friend!

You don’t have to wait until something funny happens before letting out your laughter. In fact, it’s better if you do the opposite: start giggling about everything that pops into your mind even when no one else seems interested in doing so. The chances are at least one of your friends will find it funny as well.

It might seem scary at first since humor can be personal or subjective but trust us on this – people love cheerful individuals, and they love to laugh.

#4 – Sprinkle in a Bit of Sarcasm

Sarcasm is a very powerful tool when it comes to making someone laugh.

It’s not that hard either: just add an extra dose of exaggeration and say things in the most serious tone possible!

This can be pretty fun, but you need to ensure your audience knows how sarcastic you are being. Otherwise, they might take what you say seriously, which would defeat the whole purpose of this tactic.

However, if done correctly, sarcasm will deliver one heck of a punch line for sure. People find it funny because they never know how much truth lies behind your words until after thinking about them for some time.

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#5 – Tell an Anti-Joke

Have you ever heard of anti jokes?

They are simply jokes in which the punch line goes against what you would expect. For example:

Do you want to know what always makes me smile?

Face muscles.

If it doesn’t sound funny yet, try it out with your friends, and you will change your mind. A few things are as funny as stupid jokes.

#6 – Use a Witty One-Liner

One-liners are a great way to make someone laugh because they can deliver a hilarious punch line in just one sentence (hence their name).

They usually work best when you use them as responses to something said earlier, but not always – sometimes it’s all about being witty and having the last word.

Puns are also part of this group, so you should fill your mind with lots of jokes waiting to jump out at any moment! Here are a few of our picks to get you started:

Remember: timing is essential if you want these things to have an impact on how funny people find what you say. So don’t rush through everything or try too hard either – let it come naturally!

A woman laughing.

#7 – Figure Out Their Sense of Humor

One of the most important things you can do to become a funnier person is to learn how to observe your “audience” and understand their sense of humor. That way, you can properly adapt and have a clear idea of what will get them to laugh and what won’t.

You can learn a lot from people just by paying close attention to what makes them smile and how often they do so. These are valuable insights you should definitely use if you want your jokes to hit home!

If there’s one thing we have learned over time, it’s this:

Everyone has a different sense of humor. Even those who seem similar on paper might end up being polar opposites in terms of what they find funny. That means that all bets are off as soon as you enter a new group or social setting where no one knows each other yet.

The only way forward is learning how to adapt and how to be flexible – it will make you a more social, funnier person in the long run.

#8 – Do a Funny Impression

Another great way to make someone laugh is by doing a funny impression. Yes, it does require a particular skill set, but if you can do it – impressions are a goldmine for humor!

We all have our favorite Disney and superhero characters, so why not show off how well you can mimic their voices?

The good thing about impressions is that they are usually short, straight to the point but still fun because you get to use different tones of voice, which always makes for an interesting performance.

If your friends want more after this one, don’t hesitate – do another impression right away before everyone forgets how much they loved it last time.

#9 – Make Yourself Look Silly

Making yourself look silly should always be your first resort when you are trying to make people laugh.

It’s a no-brainer, really, because how often do we see someone being embarrassed and still manage not to laugh?

The answer is never – everyone loves watching other people making fools out of themselves!

You can easily launch into this kind of humor by simply taking something too far or saying things nobody else would say in any given situation. It all depends on how risky you want to get with it.

If you want to take it a step further, there is almost nothing funnier than “inappropriate” jokes told correctly. This includes dark humor or any other taboo topic. However, you should be very careful about your timing, delivery, and choosing the proper audience.

Being silly to make a friend laugh.

#10 – Embrace the Awkwardness

Another great approach to learning how to make someone laugh is to embrace the awkwardness.


Because it’s how we all feel at one point or another, and everyone loves seeing someone else go through it as well. Most often, humor needs to be relatable to be funny.

Awkward situations are full of tension, but they also offer a lot of opportunities for comic relief.

All you need to do is point out how awkward the situation is and how it’s affecting everyone involved. Make sure you stay mindful of your body language and expressions while doing this because that will make all the difference in how funny your brief performance ends up being.

#11 – Tell an Inside Joke

Last but not least, the most reliable way to make your friends laugh is by telling an inside joke!

Inside jokes are a powerful way to make friends and strengthen bonds because you don’t need anything else other than mutual understanding. However, they come with their own set of rules as far as humor goes, which can be tricky at first until everyone gets used to it.

You should always treat these carefully – they often require preparation and the right timing so they won’t fall flat on your face or backfire entirely if mishandled.

However, if everything goes according to plan, your inside jokes will have the opposite effect and make everyone howl with laughter! This type of humor is also one of the most fun ways to interact because it’s a special bond you share.

If you are interested in reading further to learn how to be the funniest version of yourself, head to our ultimate guide:

Your Turn

Now, we would love to hear from you:

How do you make your friends laugh?

Please share your foolproof method in the comments down below!

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