9 Signs You Are Funny – Do People Like Your Sense of Humor?

Funny people know how to make other people laugh effortlessly – it’s something they do every day without even thinking about it.

They also have a way of making others feel comfortable in social situations, which makes them naturally good at entertaining groups of all sizes.

Are you wondering if you’re one of those rare breeds?

Are you looking for signs you are funny?

Look no further, as we are giving you nine of them that will help determine your status as an honorary member of this exclusive club.

Let’s take a look!

Signs you are funny.

How Do You Know if You Are Funny?

In most cases, it is hard to be the unbiased judge of your own skills, humor included.

(Yes, humor is a skill, and you can learn it!)

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That is why we will let other people tell you! To be more precise, you will observe the behavior of your friends, family, and acquaintances to reach the final verdict.

Before we dive into the exact signs that show whether you are the funny person in your social circle, let us ask you a few questions:

  • Are you often the life of the party?
  • Can you make someone laugh even when they are having a bad day?
  • Do other people often tell you they love your sense of humor?
  • Are you comfortable with making fun of yourself and laughing at your flaws?
  • When something embarrassing happens, do other people always turn to look at you first for a reaction?
  • Do you like your own jokes?

Hopefully, at least a few of them got you thinking. If you answered yes to most of them, congratulations:

You are not a wizard, Harry. You are funny!

However, most people can relate to a few of the questions, and not so much with the rest. For that reason, keep reading – we are just getting started!

9 Most Common Signs You Are Funny

Are you funny?

We have made a list of things that you might do or that tend to happen when you’re around if you’re a humorous individual.

Let’s dive in:

Sign #1 – You’re funny on your own.

Funny people generally know how to make themselves laugh. You enjoy your sense of humor, and your own jokes make you laugh like crazy!

Your jokes are not always pointed at other people, either.

Like most funny people, you are an expert at self-deprecating humor and can laugh at your own flaws even when nobody is around!

Sign #2 – You don’t have to try to be funny. 

The harder you try to be funny, the less you achieve your goal!

Hence, if you are funny, you don’t have to try. It feels as if other people simply get your sense of humor, and they enjoy it very much!

You are confident in your own skin and don’t feel the need to impress anyone. You have nothing to prove, which makes other people more comfortable around you.

And when they feel comfortable – people laugh!

Sign #3 – You have a funny story for every situation.

Funny people are always on alert for potential comic material around them.

Likewise, you never miss an opportunity to make something out of nothing. You have a never-ending set of hilarious stories for every occasion, and people can’t wait to hear them.

Sure, you may retell your favorite stories from time to time, but people don’t seem to mind!

Sign #4 – You are a master of witty comebacks.

You are quick on your feet, and you don’t have trouble dishing out witty comebacks when needed.

Most importantly, you don’t get caught off guard by awkward situations or uncomfortable questions – you are prepared for anything!

This ties nicely with our second sign since self-acceptance and confidence play such an important role in humor.

How to know if you are a funny person?

Sign #5 – You can make anyone laugh.

Most people enjoy very different types of humor. However, that doesn’t seem to stop you, as you are a jack of all trades and can make even the grumpiest people laugh.

You know how to observe your audience and adapt appropriately when the situation calls for it. You understand that being funny is all about what you say, how you say it, and, primarily – who you’re talking to.

Sign #6 – People suggest you take up stand-up comedy professionally.

In life, when you are exceptional at something, people expect you do it for a living. You are either a natural or have put so much time into your skill that it can’t be just a hobby!

The same goes for humor. People often suggest to funny people that they should become professional comedians, so their skills are put to good use.

Sign #7 – You always lighten the mood in stressful situations.

Life is full of unpredicted and difficult situations. During challenging times, we often look at people around us for support and a friendly smile.

Whether it is an important university exam or even a severe health issue, people always look at you as the person that will cheer everyone up. You have a positive outlook on life, and others enjoy have you near when the going gets tough.

Sign #8 – You don’t take life too seriously.

We are not saying that funny people are careless and irresponsible!

On the contrary, you are all about embracing the good things in life, and you believe that a positive attitude will take you where you need to go. Instead of stressing and worrying, you choose to focus on the silver lining in every situation.

Also, you never take yourself too seriously – which is why you don’t get offended often and can enjoy various types of humor.

If that is the case, you will enjoy these articles:

Sign #9 – People assume you are always joking.

The final sign on our list is one of the downsides of being a funny person:

You have a hard time getting people to take you seriously!

You joke all the time, and about 50% of everything you say is sarcastic. For that reason, people have a hard time knowing when you are serious and sometimes disregard your genuine thoughts as a joke.

If you are interested in learning everything about humor and become a funnier person overall, you have come to the right place!

We invite you to check out our ultimate guide on being funny by clicking the button below:

Your Turn

Do you think you’re a funny person?

If so, how did you match to the signs you are funny we talked about in this article?

Do you disagree with any of the points?

Let us know by leaving a comment below right away!

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