How to Make People Like You Instantly (9 Actionable Tips)

It is the core need of human nature to be liked and accepted by those around us.

Why exactly this is, is still a mystery to human psychology.

Maybe it draws from the fact that man has the inherent makeup to be a social animal. The approval and acknowledgment of others is not something we can escape.

Regardless of the root, the need is there. We are sure you probably want to know how to make people like you.

We hope to shed some light on this burning question with the 9 tips you will find below. Keep reading!

How to make people like you instantly - a young girl holding a heart sign.

Why Should You Worry About This?

You might think that wasting your time on getting other people to like you is awful. We completely agree.

We are not here to tell you that your life should revolve around being a people-pleaser, popular person, or anything similar to that. We are also against spending years of your life seeking approval.

Our goal is to teach you how to improve your behavior in most social situations effortlessly so that you “click” with people easier. Our advice is short and easily applicable.

We are all social beings, and we depend on others, just like they rely on us. Finding your way into different social circles faster and making killer first impressions will get you far.

The Instant Effect

We’re living in a fast-paced world. We like things that bring immediate results. Otherwise, they’re out the window.

The same goes for us seeking ways to get others to like us. We want them to have an instant effect.

Whether this is a good thing is up for debate. However, there is no denying that first impressions stick with us. You want to make sure that yours is on point. The question that pops up here is:

Is there a way to get people to like you instantly?

Yes, there is.

There are many simple, quick, and small things that we can adopt in our daily encounters with new people that can immensely raise our chances of being liked by them.

Let’s dive into the most fool-proof tips for those of you who want to know how to make people like you.

Tip #1 – A smile goes a long way.

Man smiling.

Believe it or not, this ages-old trick still works wonders.

Psychology has proven that people are automatically more prone to like people that smile more often. Smiling makes you look friendly and pleasant, and who doesn’t like that?

This is a simple trick that you can integrate into your everyday interactions and see results almost as quickly as you adopt it!

Tip #2 – Be approachable.

This tip also has much to do with your body language and expressions.

Think about it, if your physique gives off the vibe that you’re reserved and cold, the chances of people liking you are very slim.

If you make an effort to look open and up for a conversation, people won’t hesitate to approach you. This change in attitude is a direct portal into them liking you and liking interactions with you.

Tip #3 – Make eye contact.

Making eye contact might not be as easy for some to do as it is for others.

Despite this, working on establishing eye contact with others more often is a good time investment.

Why so?

Generally, people who are comfortable in retaining eye contact with people have a greater chance of being liked. This point has much to do with the factor of openness and approachability that we’ve gone over previously.

Tip #4 – A little imitation never hurts.

You might have heard of this technique as ‘mirroring’.

Try and subtly copy the gestures and movements of the people around you. Since this is a trick that works more subconsciously, people will start liking you without realizing it.

The reason behind this is that we like people that are similar to us. They make us feel safe and comfortable, and everybody wants a secure and comforting environment that promises no conflict.

Tip #5 – Be human.

Quirky girl waving.

This phrase might or might not make much sense to you. After all, we’re all humans, and that’s not exactly something we can change.

But being real and honest about our flaws actually makes people like us a lot because that makes them relate to us.

Our search for relatable people is one reason that self-deprecating humor is such a hit in today’s time. We want to know that others are imperfect, too, and we like them for it.

Tip #6 – Show interest.

Just as you might enjoy talking and having others show interest, similarly returning the favor to others makes you a lot more likable.

The best way to get others to like you is to display a good amount of interest in whatever they share, even if it might not be your cup of tea.

Being different but also being alike in various areas of life is what makes us human. Our common nominators and our differences spark our interest in one another.

Tip #7 – Be a good listener.

Being a good listener is just as important as being a smooth talker.

Sure, charming people with your words is something that will always come in handy. But showing people that you’re a good and focused listener gives you more brownie points than you can imagine.

Listeners promise a lack of judgment and comfort and are thus automatically very likable.

If you are wondering how to make people like you, this might be one of the most useful items on our list!

Tip #8 – Ask questions.

Young man wondering and asking questions.

Asking a lot of questions during a conversation can instantly make people like you.

Why is that?

Because questions indicate interest. They also convey the message that a person is an attentive and keen listener.

The quality of being curious directly connects with most of the tips mentioned above. It is a sure way of getting into someone’s good books instantly.

Tip #9 – Look competent.

Competence is a very liked quality. Passing on the message that you are competent at something and overall an intelligent person is a sure ticker to winning the liking of many.

Of course, you should not convince people you are clever by telling them. It would be best if you showed it through your wits, words, and actions.

Intellectuals don’t go around advertising their IQ. They let their atmosphere do it for them, and most people enjoy spending time around them.

Take this piece of advice with a grain of salt. There are many ways in which it can go wrong for you. Here are a few things you must avoid here:

  • trying hard to appear intelligent (even if you truly are)
  • being a know-it-all in every situation
  • putting others down
  • faking that you are knowledgeable on a certain topic which you are clueless about
  • being an arrogant person (We have written a post explaining the difference between arrogance and confidence. Check it out here.)

People will see right through you if you attempt any of the things above. It will be a sure way to undo every other point on this list.


In short, being liked by others is very much an art that depends on a handful of simple tricks. Thankfully, they can draw liking almost immediately and do not involve any magic.

The foundation of the entire ordeal is to know what people like and then give it to them. 

An even easier way to do this is to picture a person that we would find likable. The image will surely be of someone warm, pleasant, smiling, and open to encounters. Replicating these essentials is the fastest route to getting people to like us.

Let’s face it. No one likes a reserved, scowling, and stand-offish individual, so be sure to steer clear of these aspects.

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