How to Laugh More? 7 Tips to Bring Laughter Into Your Life

You don’t necessarily need to be surrounded by an army of clowns in order to laugh a bit more throughout the day. However, if you have been going through a tough time or a hard part of your life, one of the things that may lift your mood is laughter.

But if you cannot seem to get yourself to laugh, that can be a challenging situation. So, how to laugh more? Today, we will be giving you seven tips that will surely help you laugh more on a daily basis!

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in! 

Tips on How to Laugh More

how to laugh more

Tip #1- Try to remember the funny memories you may have.

Even though an event that made you laugh may have happened a long time ago, it’s still possible to giggle about it. Have you ever thought of a hilarious memory after a long, long time, while you were casually walking on the street or sitting at home in front of your laptop? We are sure that you have, and we are also sure that those old events have made you laugh or at least giggle into your chin.

This “recycled” laughter is able to remind you of how laughter can make you feel. It will generally improve your mood for the rest of the day and maybe even make you feel nostalgic since you have remembered some event from the past.

So, in order to encourage a little bit of laughter, sit down, jog your memory, heck, even go through your gallery and try to remind yourself of all the fun times you had with your friends or family. We are absolutely sure that those will produce even the slightest smile.

Tip #2 – Don’t be afraid to laugh in public.

Not being embarrassed to laugh in public or even when you are alone is the key to having a positive mindset and a positive attitude. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should crack up anytime you are surrounded by people or force your laughter.

If laughing in public is a problem that has been bugging you, and is the main reason why you don’t laugh a lot, then it’s probably time to overcome that fear. Of course, the fear of laughing in public probably goes way deeper. You are the only person that knows the real reason why you are afraid to show this type of condition out in public. 

But you can try taking small, baby steps, which will eventually help you overcome this type of fear and bring more joy into your life.

Tip #3 – Watch funny videos online.

If you have been in a bad mood today and think that nothing can lift it up, we think differently. So open up YouTube or TikTok, sit back in your chair, and be prepared to burst out laughing at some of the funniest videos. 

Our recommendation is to search for funny videos of animals. Not only will you melt while watching them, but you will also have a little bit of a laugh at their expense. You can also join some funny or weird subreddits.

Your good mood and a lot of laughter are guaranteed!

Tip #4 – Joke around serious life situations.

Sometimes the pressure of delicate, serious situations might be too high. It’s not wrong to joke about it for a little bit, at least if it doesn’t offend anyone. 

Some scientists even recommend having a good laugh about some serious situations that have been causing you anxiety. That way, you will get rid of the stress that has been overwhelming you and become calmer.

Also, imagining funny plots and what would happen if I do this or that is an awesome way to make yourself laugh.

how to laugh more - girl laughing

Tip #5 – Surround yourself with funny people.

Being around people that have a good sense of humor is the best way to encourage your laughter. We often tend to become friends with people who have a good, positive attitude and a happy look at things. While we usually tend to avoid people who generally don’t like to laugh and radiate negative energy.

So, if you have a group of friends, and you need a little bit of laugh, you can gather them at a board game night, for example. This type of evening will surely result in an endless night of fun. On top of that, if you and your friends like a little bit of black or sarcastic humor, we suggest you play a game called Cards Against Humanity. There’s no doubt that every single person in the room will be laughing and in tears.

Tip #6 – Re-watch your favorite movies.

Do you have a favorite movie that never seems to disappoint you? And is able to keep your attention from the beginning to the end? Well, this comfort movie might be one of the activities that might encourage you to laugh more.

Besides that, if you don’t really feel like watching the same movie over and over again, try searching up some good comedy or parody movies. There have been dozens of newly released comedy movies in the past year, and you should catch up with them if you haven’t already seen them.

To make an evening out of it, organize a friend’s movie night, or call your significant other over. Laughter is better when there are two people, so there’s no doubt that you will have a blast!

Tip #7 – Scroll through social media (sometimes).

Social media is full of a lot of unique and fun content. You might even stumble upon some comedians who post jokes on their timelines daily, which would be an excellent thing for you! 

For example, if you follow some comedian on Twitter, you will always see their new jokes on your timeline and possibly laugh at them a little. This is a great way to increase the amount of daily laughter.

girl making herself laugh

Your Turn!

Now, we cannot wait to hear your opinion on this subject.

Do you think that you are a person who laughs frequently? If so, what’s the main thing that’s usually making you laugh?

As this is quite an interesting topic, we are dying to hear your answers. Don’t hesitate to write them down in the comments!

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