Confidence vs Arrogance – The Key Differences

Confidence is a vital personality trait, and for a good reason. It holds the key to the seizing of all opportunities exactly at the moment our heart desires them.

You might want to understand the confidence vs arrogance distinction because you might struggle with developing the prior. You might have a friend who radiates one of the two, but you can’t tell which one for sure.

In today’s post, we are explaining the difference. Let’s begin.

Confidence vs arrogance debate - what is the difference?

The ‘Confidence vs Arrogance’ Debate

Sometimes, it so happens that self-belief exceeds its pleasant climate and steps onto something entirely different.

This trait is arrogance, which many often confuse with confidence. Arrogance is tiptoeing into dangerous dimensions of pride and self-superiority. It manifests itself powerfully, and most of us dislike it with passion.

In the ‘confidence vs arrogance’ debate, certain pointers are a fool-proof way of telling apart these partially similar personality traits.

It all begins with respect.

Confidence retains respect.

Confident people maintain a level of respect for those around them. Their regard for others is how they ensure respect for themselves.

It is a given that respect rebounds and confidence is no excuse to treat others like dirt. That is arrogance’s specialty.

Arrogant people regard themselves as the sole and supreme deservers of respect. This might be a very strong reason why people don’t have too good an opinion on arrogant people.

Since arrogance does not deliver respect, it returns empty-handed in that area as well.

Criticism is an excellent differentiator.

A young woman getting angry about criticism.

If you want to know a major cue that tells confidence and arrogance apart, then observe how the person at hand takes criticism.

If they take it as an opportunity to grow, then you’ve got yourself a confident and flourishing human. If they go crazy at the mention of a single fault, then rest assured that you have before you an arrogant being.

Criticism is a very normal part of life. Since no one is ever perfect, the room to improve and evolve is always there.

Confident people understand this well and take it as a good opportunity. Arrogant individuals have a hard time digesting the fact that they are doing something wrong. They’d rather keep doing it instead of being told the truth.

Arrogance plays the blame game.

Another excellent way to draw a contrast between confidence and arrogance is whether they opt for accountability or blame.

When a confident person makes a mistake or is associated with something that goes wrong, they take responsibility for this setback. The reason is that they give importance to morality and also take failure as an important part of their growth journey, and cherish it.

Arrogant people place the blame of failure on anything and everyone in sight. This also works to show how insecure arrogant people truly are at their core. This pattern reflects their unacceptance of themselves.

So, when differentiating confidence vs arrogance, watching their handling of blame is a good way to go.

Confidence is good with cooperation.

A team of young people - successful teamwork.

We separate the two by another fine line that comes in treating others professionally as equals or bossing them around.

Drawing from the previous argument on respect, confident people are team players considering others just as worthy and capable as themselves. Arrogant people are stunted in this regard and thus turn to disrespect and command.

Arrogance cannot adjust to cooperation and functioning in a complementing and progressive way. This dynamic also eases an arrogant person’s ability to blame others.

It is good to keep an eye on how easy or hard it is to work with a person we can’t tell is confident or arrogant. Refers to this, and you’ll have your answer!

Arrogance is demanding beyond belief.

Arrogance is a little too high-maintenance for anyone to enjoy being around it. On the other hand, confidence is refreshing and radiates an energy that is well-liked and even admired.

We dislike arrogant people because it takes a lot to please them, sometimes even more than others can offer.

If you see demanding behavior from a person you see as confident, you might want to recheck your guess.

Self-confident people are also self-assured. Hence they often rely on others minimally. We enjoy their presence because they do not ask for much.

Demanding behavior is always a concerning sign, so be wary if you detect it!


The ‘confidence vs arrogance’ debate is not a brief discussion. There are many aspects that separate one from the other, and knowing this difference is very important.

It is essential to know which one of the two we must pursue and which one we must steer clear of in our self-improvement journey.

Likewise, knowing the difference also helps us open our minds to perceive the company around us correctly. We all want to be confident; telling it apart from arrogance is an asset!

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