27 Shameless Dark Humor Memes (Brutally Funny Picks)

Fair warning – the dark humor memes you are about to see are not for the faint of heart. Only true dark humor lovers will not feel guilty for laughing at these, and we challenge you to see them for yourself!

Being that you clicked on this article, you probably enjoy a twisted laugh every now and then, and we would never judge you for it. You are not easily offended, and you appreciate humor even in its rawest form. If that’s not you, you might be better off checking out any of our other lists of jokes, and we would be happy to see you there as well.

The rest of you – welcome! If you have ever wondered why you have a dark sense of humor and if there is something wrong with you, that feeling will probably become a bit stronger after scrolling through this list.

So what are you waiting for – let’s get into it right away!

funny dark humor memes

Funniest Dark Humor Memes

#1 – The Ex

The text formatting may be extremely weird, but so are you for scrolling through these memes so we guess all’s fair here.

#2 – Blue & Doesn’t Fit

Although his dad wasn’t amused, we are sure you will be. Let’s keep the list rolling in style!

#3 – Huge Mouse at Disneyland

This would make visiting Disneyland an entirely different and unique experience.

#4 – 12 Year Old Daughter

No, nobody is spared here, 12 year-olds and families included. You might wanna skip this one during the next Thanksgiving dinner (or take a shot if you are feeling frisky).

#5 – Another One

If you thought we couldn’t find another one on exactly the same topic, you guessed wrong. Here is a classic – a that’s what she said joke, but dark.

#6 – The Pink Stuff

Now, this one is truly dark so brace yourselves. A fair warning is a fair warning.

#7 – Party Time

Depending on what your stance on this topic is, this dark meme could be incredibly funny or… incredibly funny.

#8 – Catch a Plane

If buildings could talk, they could probably tell quite a few funny dark jokes, as one may expect.

#9 – Strike Two

This one is for all of you who have had a bad day or a week. It can always get worse. Well, what can you do – guess she should have known better.

#10 – Home

Not going to lie, this one may be a bit obvious but it’s still gold. What would this list be without a few orphan jokes here and there.

#11 – The Insect

Yes, this is dark too. If you disagree, imagine a dear person instead of that insect there and you’ll soon to see it a few shades darker.

#12 – Everywhere

Let’s see if you can get the answer to this. We have already given you a hint.

#13 – Chess Be Like

No matter how important the king is, the queen rules all.

#14 – Dumping Your Girlfriend

It’s honestly a surprise we have gone this far without a cannibal joke. Well, here’s one:

#15 – Symptoms

Hey, you’ve already seen this meme before!

#16 – One-Liner

We know how you all enjoy the brilliancy of one-liners, so we had to share this gem with you:

#17 – Lucky Me

To wrap things up, some great news for the man in the joke!

Your Turn

Hopefully, this small piece of darkness here has miraculously brightened up your day. Now, it’s your turn:

Please share your favorite dark humor memes or jokes in the comments down below!

We can’t wait to hear your additions to the list! Until then, see you in the next post.

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