Why is Humor Important? – The Importance of Comedy

Crisis and stressful situations we experience daily are often accompanied by a wave of humorous, uplifting expressions. For some of us who try to stay positive, at least.

Either way, we’re sure that we can all agree humor can play a massive role in our everyday lives. That’s why, today, we will be seeing some arguments that answer the question “why is humor important” and how it can help us cope with daily situations.

Let’s go!

Why is humor important?

The Importance of Humor in Communication Explained

There are dozens of reasons why humor is essential to our general well-being. Some studies say that it’s possibly the most important personality characteristic all of us have or should possess.

As we all know, humor exists everywhere, in every part of our culture, and at all ages. Genuine belly laughter is one of the most beautiful expressions of emotions we have at our disposal!

Both humor and laughter are essential to reduce stress, lack of motivation, or simply turn a bad day into a great one! So let’s take a deeper look into the importance of humor in various areas of life.

Why Is Humor Important in Society?

Why is humor important in society?

Humor is known to be a great mood booster. Some researchers even say that people with a good sense of humor tend to be generally happier in life, which is fantastic news for the well-being of our society!

In other words, humor can improve humanity as a whole by improving the lives of each individual person. Sounds like a lovely solution, doesn’t it?

But how exactly is it beneficial for each of us individually?

For starters, comedy is proven to improve concentration and productivity, energize individuals, increase their motivation, and boost confidence when needed. On top of that, a good sense of humor and frequent laughter can significantly improve one’s life quality.

Of course, humor has just as many physical benefits as mental ones. Namely, it can reduce the risk of heart diseases and contribute to the overall health of an individual if it’s frequently present in their lives.

We have written an entire article on the mental and physical benefits of laughter, so we invite you to check it out:

Why Is Humor Important in a Friendship?

The biggest strengths of comedy are present in interpersonal communication.

When the going gets rough, humor is a weapon you can use to disarm difficult situations. It is a powerful coping mechanism and a healthy one if used properly.

However, it is the way we use humor that is vital to understand. For example, you should never use humor to harm others or discourage them. Instead, comedy should be a powerful tool that allows us to take a deep breath and look at any issue from a different angle.

Additionally, research has proven that people with a shared sense of humor have a higher probability of becoming closer friends. After all, sharing a laugh helps people bond faster.

There’s no such feeling as laughing with your friends at something you all find funny. It’s the feeling of security and connection that forms between us.

Humor inevitably has dozens of social functions to create bonds, lower the tension of certain social situations, and trigger a burst of laughter.

Of course, you should pay attention to the types of jokes you crack up with friends, as humor can give you a countereffect and break the bonds you may have created.

Overall, comedy can bring people together and trigger positive emotions, which is a necessity that we should practice every day to create a better world.

importance of humor

Sending a Message – Why Is Humor Important in a Speech?

Once you master the art of being funny, endless possibilities open for you in both your personal and professional life. One of the vital life skills that benefits significantly from the use of humor is public speaking and presentations.

How does humor help you bond with your audience faster?

  • Humor makes it easier for your audience to keep track of what you’re saying. They will remember particular parts of your speech easier because it made them laugh.
  • Comedy makes you more likable. As a result, people will find it easier to connect with you and listen to what you have to say.
  • Humor allows your audience to take a break from the often serious topics that are the main focus of most speeches.

You can see how making people laugh can go a long way in getting your message across properly, in speeches as well as in written form.

Sense of Humor as a Shield

Richard Bandler is an author and a certified psychologist who has done fundamental research in the field of humor.

According to him, humor is “an invisible shield” to protect us from the “stupidity that’s rampant on the planet.”

What Richard meant to say is that humor is a powerful tool we could use to overcome certain situations.

The meaning of his philosophy is that, by learning to recognize the funny thing in every situation, we can make a certain distance from those situations and look at them from a different perspective. As the author says:

“If you can’t look at how something is funny, you can’t get around it.”

We invite you to look deeper into humor as a coping mechanism here:

Humor as a Tool to Express Ourselves

As we often like to say here at Witty Companion, humor is certainly a characteristic that can make or break someone’s character.

In fact, we can tell a lot about a person just by the way they tell or come up with jokes. As different types of humor are present in people with different personalities, humor can be used as a great aid in understanding the true personality of any person.

For example, people who enjoy a dark sense of humor are probably not easily offended. On the other hand, a person who cracks up jokes at the expense of someone else might be a bully, or generally a mean person, and so on. You get the point.

Of course, we cannot judge one’s character simply by their type of humor. However, it can be a great way to find out at least some little fact about someone’s personality or see a little bit under their surface.

We are allowed to use humor to express ourselves, what we believe in, what we don’t believe in, or what we would love to change in the world. Your sense of humor can be your communicational passport, identifying yourself as a unique individual to everyone around you. 


Overall, humor is a vital skill and an incredibly powerful tool that can free us from tensions and stress and help us feel better about the world. It helps us bond with people and express ourselves better.

Now, we would love to hear from you:

Do you think that humor plays an important role in your everyday life?

On top of that, has humor ever helped you cope with painful situations or helped you create stronger bonds with other individuals?

Please share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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