17 Best Hobbies for Couples to Strengthen Your Relationship

Spending time with your partner is essential when it comes to bonding and creating a long-lasting relationship. Every minute you spend with your significant other is important and allows you to discover a new thing about them.

Whether you are new in a relationship or just want to spice things up and try something new with your partner, this article is for you.
We have put together our list of hobbies to try with your partner.

Keep reading and find the 17 best hobbies for couples to strengthen your relationship.

Let’s dive into them!

sporty hobbies for couples

#1 – Cook With Your Partner

Cooking is always fun, and with your partner, it will be a phenomenal experience. You can try to cook something from your childhood or something romantic, pasta for example.

Go to the kitchen, take out a unique recipe, and try it together. You get to know each other differently when you work as a team in the kitchen. You can also find something new about the family traditions, favorite childhood dishes, likes, and dislikes. 

young couple cooking together

#2 – Volunteer for a Good Cause

Many community and non-profit organizations come up with good causes and require people who can voluntarily take charge. Sign up for a volunteering program of your choice together. 

You will find yourself reflecting on your relationship and being grateful for a partner who makes you a better person. 

#3 – Try a New Game

You will strengthen your bond by knowing the playful side of your partner and understanding their interests. Games are an amazing hobby for you as a couple. 

You will love trying to solve puzzles, play video games, or even do crosswords with your partner. You can maybe try some of the most interesting storytelling games

Pick a day, rent a console, order some pizza, and the fun can begin! 

#4 – Read Together

If either one of you is a reading lover and the other one is a listener, then grab a book, lay on the couch together, dim the lights and read a book aloud to your partner. 

You can even set a book club for two and discuss the plots together.

Sharing your favorite books and authors is a great way of finding out more about someone. It creates a deeper bond and understanding on a completely different level.

#5 – Get Sporty Together

Go for some sports that are fun and challenging for you both. You can do a race, jog together, bicycle, tennis, or even spend some quiet time doing yoga with your partner. 

It would be interesting to create a list of your favorite indoor and outdoor sports hobbies and try them one by one. Every month can become a new adventure. 

The hobby is a good way to have a healthy routine together, and when it is with your favorite person, you will not miss a day.

couple training together

#6 – Pick a New Language to Learn

Learning a new language can be a memorable and useful experience, especially with your partner. Pick one language that intrigues you both and learn it together step by step. 

You can start with a language learning app such as Duolingo or maybe book a class in the language school near you. 

Sooner or later, you will be able to flirt with each other in a new language.

#7 – Relive Your Memories with a Memory Box

You are still together after lots of struggles and hardships, or you are just starting your journey. It might have been difficult, but you both made it here together. 

So what is better than sitting together, sipping coffee or tea, and taking a walk down memory lane? Look at your pictures, watch your candid videos, see the gifts you gave each other for the first time. 

Creating the memory box is a great way of remembering all the fun and beautiful moments you spent together. You can either buy the one or make it together.

Fill the box with cinema or theatre cards, photos, receipts, plane tickets, and all the stuff that means something to you. 

#8 – Go for an Unplanned Picnic

Planned trips are amazing, but you are going to love those unplanned mini picnics with your partner. So pack your picnic bags, grab your favorite meals and go to a unique spot with your lover. 

You can go to a beautiful location in the city at midnight or stop by the road to have fun together.

Spend some private, quiet time, take some photos together and enjoy the moment. 

couple on a picnic

#9 – Embrace the Adrenaline

You might have been dreaming of skydiving or maybe going rock climbing once in a lifetime. If yes, then taking risks with your significant other will let you do anything that scared you off alone because you both are together in it. 

Here are some of the interesting, adventurous hobbies that will make you go out of your comfort zone:

  • paragliding,
  • canyoning,
  • rafting,
  • cliff jumping,
  • mountain biking,
  • zip lining,
  • bungee jumping.

#10 – Private Dance Parties

Set a private dance party, turn your room into a ballroom, and show your moves. You can go to a couple of dance classes too. Dance is an amazing way of bonding, having fun, and relaxing at the same time. 

You can also try some sensual moves with rumba or even tango to spice things up. 

#11 – Go Bowling

Take each other on retro bowling date nights. You will have loads of fun together, and it can even become your Friday night ritual. 

If you are not sure how to start with this hobby – we got your back! 

Check out our bowling guide for beginners and impress your partner. 

#12 – Movies at Home

Movie dates are a great way of bonding if you prepare them well. You can also find out something new about filmography, learn about the actors, movie directors, and scenes. 

Here are some of our tips to make movie night as fun as possible:

  • Pick one movie director, genre, or period you want to explore together.
  • Choose a movie the day before (scrolling through the movie lists can be so annoying when you are unsure what to watch).
  • Order or make some food you both love.
  • Get cozy with blankets and pillows.
  • After the film, write down your thoughts and rate the movie together online or in your special journal.
  • Have fun!

Movie night at home can be so special – you can even watch the movie you first watched together again to cherish the memories. 

movie night at home

#13 – Meditate Together

Out of all the activities you can do for relaxation and mindfulness practice, meditation is the best one. You can set up the mood by lighting up some scented candles.

Turn the lights off, choose relaxing music or guided meditation and be present. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your partner. 

Meditation with the significant other is a great way of bonding on a deeper level. 

#14 – Try Martial Arts

Martial arts are excellent for building confidence and connection with your partner. There are many martial arts available, but the best ones for couples are:

  • capoeira,
  • judo,
  • taekwondo.

By trying these, you are making a commitment to improving your health, strength, and shape while spending time with your favorite person. 

#15 – Go to Amusement Parks

Amongst all the hurry, we often forget the child in us. Want to see how the inner child of your partner looks? 

Take them to an amusement park and try out the scariest rides.

These are the moments you will both always remember. 

Try to earn a prize on stall game, and you have something interesting to put in your memory box!

#16 – Try Horseback Riding Together

Reduce stress and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with the wonderful animals. If you are a horse lover, this hobby will be perfect for you and your partner. 

Start with the horseback riding school classes, learn the basics, and if you both like it – practice together. You can even get a chance to ride horses alone in nature one day. What a priceless experience!

#17 – Go Ice Skating

Whether you are an experienced ice skater or a beginner – this activity is one of our favorites when it comes to romance. You can hold your hands all the time, drink some tea next to the ice rink and maybe try some figure skating moves.

If you find this hobby interesting – attend the class together and learn some basics. You never know if you have a hidden talent.

couple ice skating

Your Turn

We hope that our list of 17 hobbies was inspiring to you! Let us know 

Have you tried any of the hobbies on our list? Which of them did you find the most exciting?

Let us know in the comments!

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