7 Best Storytelling Games to Play with Your Friends

No matter what age you are, you find stories interesting and might always be up for hearing a unique one.

Hearing great stories takes us to places. 

Suppose you are looking to spend your Saturday nights with your friends and family productively. In that case, storytelling games are something you have to try!

However, there are multiple choices available on the internet when searching for the best storytelling games. Therefore, to make it simpler for you, we have put together a list of our top seven picks.

Read the article thoroughly and choose what fits your gaming taste the most. Let’s get into it!

Best storytelling games - a Rubik's cube transforming.

Best Storytelling Games You Must Try

#1 – Zygomatic Rory’s Story Cubes

You can create numerous epic, romantic, humorous, magical, and fantasy-based stories using the dice.

Additionally, you can discover your creative side and start writing your own stories, poems, illustrations, and whatnot.

You can utilize the game to teach your children significant lessons and enhance their creative skills. Furthermore, you can turn the game into a challenge to make it more fun by specifying genres.

To play the game, throw the nine dice on your turn. Start the story with “Once upon a time…” and base it upon the faces that the dice show. Preferably, you can divide the nine dice into three sections so that there are three for each:

  • introduction,
  • plot,
  • and conclusion.
Dice showing 5 and 2.

#2 – StoryWorld Create-a-Story Kit

The game is almost like Rory’s Story Cubes, with the only difference that the kit consists of cards and no dice.

The illustrations on the cards are detailed and themed around old fairytales.

There are four themes the cards are divided into:

  • The World of the Everyday,
  • The World of Magic,
  • The Realm of the Court,
  • and The Land of Faery.

To play the game, draw cards from the deck and base a story around the cards’ pictures. For making the game more interesting, you can look for hidden clues in the cards.

#3 – Fictionaire

Fictionaire is a game based around fooling other people to choose the wrong word definition in the dictionary game.

In this game, you can trick the players by creating anything of your own. It can be a story or a sentence. The game comes in classic, naturals, fool science, and tall tales themes to offer variety.

You can use sixty double-sided cards with a question on each side, fourteen point cards, and other helping cards.

To understand how to play the game, you can follow this simple guide:

  • The host will slide a card out of the box to read the question.
  • Other players will all slide the other side up to read the actual answer.
  • Next, players will make up their answers to confuse the host, and one of them will read out the real answer.
  • If the host guesses the right answer, he gets the point cards. If he does not, then the one who said the actual answer wins.

It can be an incredibly fun game that you might end up playing for hours! The scoring system makes it that much more interesting.

#4 – Above & Below Board Game

Above & Below is an exciting combination of town-building games and storytelling!

The game puts you in a situation where you have to pick your adventures. You go up against your friends to build the best possible village from scratch – above and below the ground.

All the players (2-4) go on their missions and explore their way through the board game. Any time a possible adventure arises, you have to make a choice and your friends read out what happens to you from the book that is a part of the game.

Your win depends upon how strategically and tactically you accomplish your tasks to earn rewards. In the end, the person with the most rewards wins.

Board game night with friends.

#5 – Loquato Story Slam

If you are either a story lover or a story maker, you should have Loquato Story Slam at your home.

This storytelling game is all about creating a story with innumerable plot twists and exciting settings for the scenes.

The pack consists of 350 cards in total. Each card has a great theme for you to begin with. These are called ‘Set the Scene’ suggestions. Your story progresses through various motives called ‘Plot Twists’.

The best part about these suggestions is that they are far from limiting. You can develop your stories in any way you want to while still having a bit of help if you ever get stuck!

You can strengthen your storytelling skills and have lots of fun by picking this game up!

#6 – Tall Tales Storytelling Board Game

If you are a person who has spends a lot of time in your world of imagination, then the Tall Tales Storytelling Board Game is meant for you specifically.

The story bag consists of unique modes, exceptional game pieces, and twenty-four creatively put-together cards to experience and explore your storytelling skills.

There are five different ways to play the game, including the basic game, world tales, taller tales, group tales, and marathon tales. The versatility of this board game is what makes it so great.

To play the basic game:

  • Put your hand into the story bag that consists of story elements and draw a few randomly.
  • Next, use the 3D elements to create a phenomenal story with unpredictable turns and twists. You can even use the card to set the base or setting of the story that revolves around the picked pieces.

The game authors’ idea was to bring the power of imagination back to the table in our era of media consumption and dependency on technology.

#7 – The Game of Mad Libs

If you want some humor and fun on your weekends, then Mad Libs is the right choice. It’s one of the most popular word games out there, and it deserves a place on this list for sure.

The game consists of two hundred cards comprised of words and forty-two consisting of sentences. Each player gets seven-word cards, and then a sentence card is kept in the middle with incomplete sentences. Players complete the sentence turn by turn using their word cards to make the funniest sentence. Then by voting, the funniest sentence maker becomes the winner.

Thousands of people have had great fun playing Mad Libs, and you definitely won’t be an exception!


It’s not that surprising that, with the gaming industry’s advancement, there are tens of thousands of games that will leave you in amazement. These games are specifically considered storytelling games because they take you into another world, leave you with a lifelong lesson and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All you have to do is – choose the game of your choice and begin playing!

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