The Legendary Madara Speech – Wake Up to Reality (Full Text)

There is only one thing most of us appreciate much more than a powerful, lovable hero, and that is a badass villain. All Naruto fans can surely appreciate the greatness and complexity of Madara Uchiha as a character.

However, amongst all his impactful quotes throughout the series, the legendary Madara speech stands out the most to a majority of fans. We all remember how powerful and jaw-dropping the darkness behind his words was.

If you are looking for the full (copy and paste ready) version of the ‘Wake Up to Reality’ speech of Madara Uchiha, look no further – we have prepared it for you! We will also be explaining the meaning of the speech so you can understand just how profound it is.

Let’s get into it!

Madara speech full version.

Madara’s Speech to Obito (The Full Extended Version)

Here is the video of Madara actually saying the words, as they sound ten times as powerful and memorable if you hear them directly from him:

Additionally, since many of you are searching for the full transcribed version of the speech, here is a helpful post from the r/Naruto subreddit, which contains the entire speech.

The Meaning of the Speech (Important Lines Explained)

When you first hear the words, you can immediately feel the darkness behind them. However, it’s not so much destructive, evil darkness that consumes the speech. It’s rather a different view of the world we live in, and Madara’s way of expressing his truth about it.

We are drawing a parallel between our reality and the one in the Naruto world because this particular speech seems to have a more general message, easily applied to us as well.

The weight and intent behind what Madara has to say walk a fine line between crushing realism and bleak pessimism.

Wake up to reality!

He calls us to wake up to reality in the first sentence, which made the speech as famous as it is. Madara is saying that we have fallen asleep, blind to the heavy truth that burdens our world. His speech is an invitation to open our eyes.

…the only things that truly exist in this reality are merely pain, suffering, and futility.

This sentence shows how gloomy the vibe of the entire speech truly is. Madara shows his disappointment and probably an overly dark view of the world he is trying to change. However, we have to understand that these feelings have fueled his entire existence. His mission starts from the perception of a world that needs change.

…wherever there is light, there will always be shadows…

Here, he highlights the ever-present existence of duality among all things. If there is light, there is dark; if there are victors, there are those who are defeated. According to Madara, we would be ignorant of the world around us if we didn’t acknowledge and understand all sides of life.

Hatred is born in order to protect love.

This is one of the most powerful Madara quotes in the entire show. He explains how we have created wars to preserve peace and how we learn to hate one another in order to preserve what we love.

Looking from this perspective, it’s easy to understand the significant mistakes people have been making throughout the centuries. However, knowledge without action doesn’t mean much, which is why Madara takes action.

I want to sever the fate of this world.

He shows his ambitious (and mostly unrealistic) goal of splitting the dualities we discussed above. Madara is longing for a world of peace, where the dark side of the coin (hatred, war) is eradicated.

Madara speech to Obito explained

Was Madara Right?

Although there is some truth to his words, even when translated into our reality, Madara’s view of the world is probably too dark and edgy. He has focused all his thoughts and emotions on the darkness around him and almost forgot that the light also exists.

Even though he mentions the dual nature of our existence, it’s as if Madara doesn’t believe that the bright side of the coin truly exists. That’s why he chooses to forsake reality and has the need to create a new one.

You can see the flaws in that approach quite easily.

Spreading love, positivity, and joy around us (much like Naruto did) is a more realistic and successful approach to bringing change in the long term.

What Episode is Madara’s Speech?

If you are searching for the exact episode to watch:

The “Wake Up to Reality” Madara speech appears in the 344th episode of the Naruto: Shippūden anime called “Obito and Madara.”

In this episode, we see the first encounter between Madara and Obito, right after he was saved from under the boulders by the then old Madara. He explains the motivation for his plans to unify the world, which is what the entire speech is about.

Interestingly, young Obito is not very interested in the speech that we fans love so much. He soon attempts to escape and get back together with his teammates.

Who Wrote Madara’s Speech?

Of course, the author of the famous speech is Masashi Kishimoto, the Japanese manga artist who created Naruto.

Your Turn

Naruto is a wonderful show which makes us think about the world and our place in it. The villains’ perspective is just as valid as that of the good guys if you do your best to understand it.

We hope that we have helped clarify the Madara speech and its true meaning. Now, we would like to hear from you:

What is your favorite Madara quote outside of this legendary speech?

Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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