‘Why Don’t People Like Me’ – 7 Odd Pointers You Need to Hear

Do you spend your nights wondering and asking yourself, “why don’t people like me”?

If yes, then you are at the right place. Go carefully through this article and find out the most common reasons someone can dislike others.

Additionally, the article consists of some great advice that you need to hear.

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People Not Liking You – Here Are the 7 Possible Reasons

#1 – You May be Self-Centered.

Often, people think that you are self-obsessed or self-observed if you take care of yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions. When people have themselves in their head and find difficulty finding interest in other people, people may begin disliking you. Some may even see this as selfish behavior. 

Not sorting your priorities is another reason why people may dislike you. Always remember to be a good friend and family member first before you take care of yourself. People will start liking you if they see that being responsible for other people comes above your responsibilities.

#2 – You Usually Complain.

Suppose you complain about everything wrong in your life and never do anything to change those things. In that case, people may start disliking you as they believe it’s an unfair practice, complaining all the time without ever fixing anything. 

It will make people think you are a pessimist.


  1. Try to be present.
  2. Observe your thoughts and actions.
  3. Be mindful of your behavior, and you will be able to control the habit of complaining.

#3 – You Do Not Stick to Your Words.

People who do not do what they say are disliked by everyone. No one likes people who keep saying big things and doing none of them. People will start disliking you if they notice that you are not reliable.

Solution: You can be a person people like only if you keep your word and do what is promised. Be responsible for yourself, stick to your promises – it would make others trust you.

#4 – You Are Not Smiling.

Smiling is an excellent way to make you feel better as well as others around you. However, people will start disliking if they notice that your face remains the same no matter what happens, whether it’s happiness or sadness.

Try to smile more often. It would help brighten up your face and create a positive influence on those around you. However, if you are not in the mood to smile, don’t fake it. It will only make things worse.

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#5 – You Are Too Loud.

Sometimes being too loud can be annoying, and people will start disliking you. For example, if you are at a library or somewhere where silence is needed – talking loudly would make other people feel annoyed with such behavior.

Solution: Try to respect the boundaries of others. Don’t be loud in places where you are not supposed to!

#6 – You Never Call First But Expect Other People to do That.

Being too passive is another trait of personality which makes people dislike someone. People will start disliking if they notice that you never take any initiative. Suppose you are always waiting for something amazing to happen but never making anything happen yourself. Actions speak louder than words, after all!

Solution: If you like someone, take action and ask them out. 

#7 – You Gossip.

It’s not a bright idea to talk badly about individuals behind their backs, as it makes you appear like an obnoxious person.

People will start disliking if they notice that you talk about your friends and family members in a negative way. Pointing out all their mistakes without ever talking with them to fix the problem.

It’s not going to make anyone hear what you have to say, but instead, find something better things to do than listening to such negativity! 

If someone talks badly about people around them – they should be treated with caution as they might also treat others in the same manner.

Solution: Try being positive when speaking about other people, even though sometimes we are entitled to our opinions.


Seven Things You Should Remember if You Want to be Liked by Others

#1 – Not Everyone Has To Like You

The sooner you know this, the better it is. There will be numerous people around you who would love you and countless others who would not, and that is entirely okay. You are the one from whom you need to gain acceptance and none else. So, make peace with not everyone around you liking you.

#2 – Focus on the Positivity

Get rid of all the negative vibes, hatred, and envy that people throw your way. All you have to do is remain calm, breathe deeply and let go of anything that destroys your peace of mind. Read self-love quotes, watch motivational movies, listen to some self-acceptance podcasts, etc. Then, precisely, do things that make you feel buoyant.


#3 – Keep An Eye on Yourself

Individuals dislike others for odd reasons; however, you must keep an eye out for yourself as a human. Observe your behavior and notice if so many people complain about the same thing about you. Then, see if there is some improvement that you can bring in your personality to be a better person. If there is, gradually begin working on the positive change.

#4 – Never Give Reasons

Do not tell people why you behaved the way you did. Some people know to pick and gather all the negative things about you, throw them at your face, and make you feel bad about yourself. Never let anyone put you down.

#5 – Disengage Yourself

Sometimes all you can do is to stay away from negativity is to take a step back. You cannot always talk back with people who do not like you. At times the hatred gets too much to bear. In such situations, you should prioritize yourself by avoiding such people temporarily or permanently.

#6 – Involve Yourself With People Who Like You

At times, our close friends and family can help us cope with the hatred that the world is sending our way. Therefore, it is best to gather everyone for a meetup and share your thoughts with them in such situations.

#7 – Practice Self-love Regularly

Hatred and dislike are common. However, it becomes a problem you give such thought a room in your head. To get rid of this, a piece of advice is to look at yourself in the morning and tell yourself three things you love about yourself. 


Final Word!

We have covered some reasons why people could dislike you.

However, keep in mind that:

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there will always be someone who hates peaches. – Dita Von Teese

We hope that this article was helpful. Do you recognize some of the personality traits mentioned above?

Let us know in the comments! 

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