What Should I Do Today – 12 Fun Ideas to Try Now!

What should I do today?

We all ask ourselves this question sometimes. But the fact is, there are so many fun things to do that it can be hard to pick one!

So that’s why we wrote up a list of 12 ideas when you’re feeling bored or want something new and exciting to try out.

Let’s jump right into the list!

What should I do at home

#1 – An Indoor Picnic

The weather can be beautiful outside, but bringing a picnic inside can be just as fun. Of course, you will need to bring everything you would on an outdoor picnic indoors instead! 

This can include a blanket, plates, and utensils. You could also add in some candles to make things more romantic if you’re having this picnic with someone special!

Picnic food

#2 – Create Your Own Dish

Of all the hundreds of recipes available online, imagine how much more exciting it would be to try cooking a new recipe that you created yourself. So, if you love cooking, go to your kitchen and pick out a few ingredients that might make an exciting combination. Then get started!

When you are finished, be sure to take pictures of your new creation and share them with friends.

You could even ask friends or family members for their opinion before you serve the dish at home. Maybe they will have some suggestions for how it might taste better next time.

Cooking at home

#3 – Give a Try to DIY Projects

If you feel creative, you can try a DIY project at home. This can be anything from making your own candles to decorating a new pair of shoes.

Check Pinterest for ideas when you’re not sure what to make! There are so many projects that you could do, and it can be hard to choose just one!

Here is our list of interesting DIY projects:

  • Transform something old, maybe a piece of furniture that you don’t use anymore, into something new and exciting.
  • Make your candles! Candles can add a nice touch to any room in the house. Plus, they make great gifts!
  • Weave dreamcatchers. Dreamcatchers are beautiful pieces of art that have been around for a long time. Make one yourself with some string or yarn!
  • Turn an old picture frame into something unique and interesting. This project might take some time, but it will definitely look great once you are finished with it.
  • Create your sugar scrub for the spa day at home.
  • Make your soap! The result will definitely look fabulous once you are finished with it!
  • Decorate glass jars and turn them into candle holders or vases for flowers. You could also use these as storage containers in different rooms around the house. The possibilities are endless!
  • Learn how to make mosaics. Mosaics have been used throughout history by cultures worldwide, so they’re perfect if you want something that looks interesting from every angle!
  • Add color and style to pillows on chairs or couches with fabric markers. These come in many colors, so pick out any color that you think would look great.
  • Turn a plain t-shirt into something unique and exciting. This is another project where the possibilities are endless! You could even use this idea to make your own clothes if you know how to sew!

DIY projects can be interesting, fun, and they might even help you save money on new home decoration if you do this instead of buying something new at the store! So give it a try today!

DIY Projects

#4 – Relax, it’s Spa Time!

Today might be the perfect day to visit a spa center. However, if you are stuck at home, we got you!

Heat your tub water to the desired temperature. Then, light some candles and try to find relaxing jazz music, for example.

As soon as the tub is full, add in your favorite scented bath oil.

Relax with your favorite book or magazine until it’s time to get dressed in something soft. Pick some comfy sweatpants or yoga pants, as well as an oversized t-shirt.

You can also try to create your own face mask with natural ingredients such as honey, cinnamon, etc.

Spa day at home

#5 – Create Plans For The Future

Make a list of goals that you want to achieve in the future. If you don’t feel like making plans today, try to write down goals you have for the next few weeks.

Cross out completed tasks as you finish them to keep track of your progress. After all, achieving small goals will gradually make it possible for you to achieve bigger ones!

You can also make a list of books you want to read, a bucket list, and more!

Making plans

#6 – Plan a Themed Movie Night

Movies are always a go-to when there is not much to do, and you are looking for some fun ideas.

So if you are asking yourself the “what should I do” question, think of your favorite movie genre. Select a specific movie, set your lounge, make some caramel popcorns and cold coffee, invite your best friends and get ready to have fun.

You can also watch some romantic movies if you are looking to spend the night with your partner. Dim the lights, light some candles, order a pizza and enjoy the night.

You can also organize a movie marathon where you watch several movies from the same genre in one night! If it’s raining, we suggest Harry Potter movies, of course!

What should I do at home? Host a movie night!

#7 – Arrange a Surprise For Someone You Love

You must be thankful for a few people in your life. Out of some individuals, there is always a person without whom you would not be who you are today.

Lives are getting busier than ever, and we often fail to appreciate the special people in our lives. So why not show them how much you care?

Therefore, take this day as an opportunity and surprise them. Cook their favorite meal, set up a beautiful dinner, and put a smile on their face.

Of course, a surprise might not always be possible. In this case, make sure to call them and tell them that you love and appreciate them! A few words are more than enough sometimes.

Gift for someone special

#8 – Try Some Online Escape Games

Escape games are always fun, especially when there is nothing to do and you want to try out something new by challenging yourself. The internet is full of top-notch virtual escape games.

If you have never tried this kind of game, we recommend checking out an online escape game for beginners.

A virtual escape room is fun, and it helps you boost your creativity at the same time! Visit a website that offers free games or purchase them if they are available for sale on some other platform. You will be surprised how creative people can get when their life depends on finding hidden objects and solving puzzles within a set timeframe.

Some virtual rooms might require clues from outside sources, such as images posted by others who solved the challenge before you. Of course, this increases the difficulty level and makes things more interesting since there is no limit to what one person could use to solve a puzzle faster than everyone else!

In any case, you will need your wits about you to escape virtual rooms!

Playing video games

#9 – Listen to a New and Inspiring Podcast

Podcasts are another great way to spend your day. There are thousands of inspiring shows that you can listen to.

You might be surprised at how much they will motivate and inspire you!

Find a topic that interests you the most, whether health or business and start listening. You should also check out live radio shows if podcasts do not work for you to boost your creativity and inspire you. We guarantee that you will walk away from a radio show as an entirely new and improved person!

Of course, listening to podcasts is not the only way to get inspired. Watching TED talks or reading articles on self-help websites can also do wonders for your mental health!

Listening to a podcast

#10 – Live-stream the Northern Lights

If you are bored and want to see something interesting, take a look at the Northern Lights.

The live cam is located directly underneath the aurora oval at the Churchill Northern Studies Center in Manitoba, Canada.

This can be an exciting way of spending the night. Put on relaxing music, light a candle, and enjoy the colorful lights.

We guarantee that this is a way to brighten up your day.

Aurora Borealis

#11 – Workout at Home

If you do not have the time to go to the gym, work out at home, and enjoy a good session. There are many videos available on YouTube that you can follow and practice at home.

You can even try a workout routine you have never done before. That can be yoga or maybe even martial arts.

You will not only enjoy the workout but also stay fit and healthy!

Workout at home

#12 – Play Chess!

Chess is becoming more popular each day. This game of strategy is not only great for improving your brain, but it can also be entertaining.

You might want to play online with friends or just by yourself to test and improve your skills. Either way, chess has a bright future ahead!

If you have never played – make sure to check out our ultimate beginners guide on chess today!

Playing chess

Your Turn!

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of fun things to do! There is no limit to the amount of fun, exciting and enjoyable things you can do each day.

If your life becomes dull or if there are not many new things that will make it more exciting for you – try something different today! You never know how much change one small action could bring into your daily routine.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below. We would love to hear from you and get inspired together!

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