5 Best Storytelling Podcasts You Should Listen To (2021)

The global pandemic hasn’t done anyone much good. Still, it has surely brought about a change in the way interactions take place.

For one thing, everything has shifted to virtual adaptations to comply with the regulations of social distancing. We find ourselves spending more time in our homes, enjoying indoor hobbies, movies, TV shows, and, among other things – podcasts.

If you’re here, chances are you’re scouting for the best storytelling podcasts to fill your time with through 2021. Well, look no further because we have you covered.

We’ll be going through the best storytelling podcasts that are making waves in 2021.

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Why listen to storytelling podcasts in the first place?

Podcasts are supposed to either convey information or provide entertainment. Listening to audio recordings might come across as an archaic form of entertainment.

Still, many people enjoy podcasts as a sidetrack to their everyday lives. Many people like to turn to their favorite ones during drives, exercise, or simply their daily me-time.

The real beauty of podcasts is in their variety. Thousands of interesting people are sharing their personal stories, beliefs, and experiences! There is a lot to learn and many laughs to have. If you haven’t started tuning in to a podcast or two, you could be missing out.

Recently, storytelling podcasts are gaining momentum as they provide interesting and captivating stories that can make your week! Mysteries, thrillers, funny stories, you name it – it is out there.

You know that we value storytelling skills highly here at Witty Companion, and listening is a great way to improve!

Let’s get into our top 5 choices.

#1 – The Truth Podcast

Best storytelling podcasts - The Truth.

This podcast has been a treat to its audience’s ears since 2011. It presents a range of brief stories that talk about absolutely anything and everything.

The beauty of this podcast is that the genre is as variable as the speaker’s intonations. It builds intrigue and suspense in stories that teach all kinds of lessons and expands on the consequences of thoughts and decisions.

The episodes’ length spans from ten to twenty minutes at most, which is a convenient time slot for those looking for a brief but enticing recantation. The stories put forth are mostly fiction, but that does not take from the show’s charm – quite the opposite!

While it airs only twice a month, it is definitely one storytelling podcast that you need to get behind in 2021.

#2 – State of the Human

Best storytelling podcasts - State of the Human.

This intriguing storytelling podcast involves an in-depth dive into human nature, experiences, virtues, and flaws.

It takes listeners on a reality-tinted adventure of the vulnerability and complexity of being human. It does that through stories that explore every aspect of humanity.

Being a segment of the Stanford Storytelling project, it is sure to be heaven for your ears. The podcasts’ take on the fleeting nature of human life and the spontaneity of decisions, affirmations, and mistakes makes for a very soulful intake.

Episodes can span long, even up to an hour sometimes, but their length is barely perceivable. Time flies when you are listening to it!

#3 – Ear Hustle

Best storytelling podcasts - Ear Hustle.

This podcast takes a plunge into the dark, difficult, and sometimes horrific dimensions of life in prison.

The authenticity of the experiences is guaranteed. The speakers are actual inmates or people who have gone through imprisonment in their lives. This podcast provides a tough but refreshingly honest delve into how life in prison is.

It explores the American prison system. It brings some of its harsh realities to the front without sugarcoating the process.

Imprisonment is a bitter reality, and sharing its many dimensions with those living a normal life can enhance their view on the hardships, the legal system as well as a penalty.

The podcast often includes elements of humor, depth, thrill, and the like. Ear Hustle has been on weekly since 2017, and it is a great choice for those who enjoy storytelling podcasts.

#4 – Porchlight Storytelling Series

Best storytelling podcasts - Porchlight.

This storytelling podcast is a sure treat for those who like the perspective of people from different and diverse backgrounds.

It focuses on the side-by-side brief stories of six people belonging to varying cultural contexts. The layout is to invite new guests for every episode who share short, 10-minute stories that keep the listeners engaged and intrigued.

The stories are real-life discussions rather than practiced or documented clips, which adds authenticity to the affair.

This storytelling podcast is sure to become one of your favorites in 2021, especially if you’re someone who likes to explore different perspectives.

#5 – Dear Sugars

Best storytelling podcasts - Dear Sugars.

This storytelling podcast is a mellow and gentle take on sharing real-life experiences on love, life, heartache, and loneliness. The podcast presents itself as a sort of safe-place for those needing a shoulder.

It gathers all questions submitted by the audience and gives its take on them through stories and life advice.

It opens a gateway for those in need of sharing unbearable and unthinkable acts and decisions. The ambiance of the show is non-judgmental and empathetic.

It is a warm place to listen to very human and very vulnerable experiences. If you’re a natural empath and a softie, then this storytelling podcast is sure to find a special place in your heart.

Final Word

There are great varieties of other storytelling podcasts that mainly revolve around similar genres. The draw is that storytelling is a great engagement activity that allows people to feel a sense of belonging and understanding. 

We are living in uncertain times. Having these podcasts at our disposition is a great way to connect to other people from the safety of our home. So, if you’ve recently discovered the joy of podcast listening, be sure to check out one of our suggestions shared in this article for an experience that you won’t regret!

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