What Does OFN Mean? (On Foe Nem Acronym Explained)

Have you been wondering what does OFN mean?

OFN is a texting acronym or abbreviation. Depending on the context, it can stand for three different things:

  1. On Foe Nem
  2. Oh, F*** No / Nah
  3. Old F***ing News / Old Freaking News

However, we bet that didn’t clear things up too much. So let’s see what each of these things means separately and take a look at some examples of the acronym in use.

What does OFN mean in text?

OFN as ‘On Foe Nem’

Foenem (other possible spellings: Foe Nem or Foe N Em) is a slang acronym popularized by particular members of the gang culture in Chicago. It is an abbreviation of – foes and enemies.

How does that make sense?

Well, foenem usually isn’t used as a standalone term. Instead, you will more often see (or hear) it as on foe nem. In this context, it is short for:

I swear on my foes and enemies.

As you can see, the primary use of OFN as an abbreviation (often used on Snapchat) is to highlight the seriousness of the topic at hand. Also, you can use it to swear on something if you feel like that would help you convince the people listening to you that you are telling the truth.

More similar terms which could be used instead of on foenem are:

  • I swear on my homies;
  • I swear on everything I got;
  • I swear to God (ISTG);
  • etc.

How to Use OFN as ‘On Foe Nem’?

Whenever you want to emphasize something unbelievable or the seriousness and importance of a particular truth you are telling, you can use OFN. As far as the correct grammatical use goes, you can use it at the beginning, middle, or end of your sentence.

You should keep in mind that on foenem is not a particularly popular term. While some people use it, the chances are that most of your friends won’t understand it at first. For that reason, be prepared to explain it when someone asks.

Examples of OFN as ‘On Foe Nem’

Hopefully, that has helped you understand the meaning of this term. Now, let’s see it in action.

Example #1

A: OFN, I almost got hit by a car right now!

B: For real? Watch where you are going, man, we can text later!

As you can see, in this example, the person A emphasizes the truth of them almost being hit by a car. Since it is not a thing that happens often, OFN is used to highlight that they are serious.

Example #2

A: You spilled your drink all over me! Why did you do that?

B: Sorry, OFN, I didn’t do it on purpose!

In the second example here, the person who spilled the drink uses OFN to swear it wasn’t intentional. However, unlike in the first example, the abbreviation is here used in the middle of the sentence.

on foenem meaning

OFN as ‘Oh F*** No / Nah’

Another possible, although not as popular, is using OFN as an emphatic negative statement. You could see it used in situations where a person wants to ‘nope’ out of there as soon as possible.

How to Use OFN as ‘Oh F*** No / Nah’

This usage of OFN in texting is pretty self-explanatory. You can use it whenever you want to highlight:

  • how much you disagree with something;
  • that you are not interested in taking part in something;
  • any other negative response to a question.

Let’s see a few examples once again:

Examples of OFN as ‘Oh F*** No / Nah’

Example #1

A: Do you want to hit the club tonight?

B: OFN, dude, I have an important test tomorrow morning!

In this situation, B is a responsible person and firmly declines the invitation to party tonight.

Example #2

A: Did you hear that they are canceling the show?

B: OFN, that was my favorite show of all time!

This is another possible usage of the abbreviation as a negative statement. Person B is disappointed about the news and wants to highlight that.

OFN as ‘Old F***ing / Freaking News’

You can also use OFN in text messages as a way of saying that something is old news. However, the emphatic word in the middle adds a particular condescending tone to the statement, so you should be aware that you may come off as rude.

What are the situations where you might use OFN in this context?

It depends on what you consider old news. Usually, you would consider using the abbreviation if you are amazed that somebody didn’t know about a particular fact until now.

How to Use OFN as ‘Old F***ing / Freaking News’?

You can use OFN as a texting abbreviation when you want to let somebody know they are not up-to-date with the recent news. It can serve as a shorter way of saying:

Have you been living under a rock?

Let’s see this version in action as well.

Examples of OFN as ‘Old F***ing / Freaking News’

Example #1

A: Hey, the new episode is out! Wanna watch it together?

B: What? That episode is OFN. I watched it like a week ago.

As you can see, in this context, the second person has already watched the episode and is (slightly rudely) letting the first person they are out of the loop.

Example #2

A: Did you hear about what happened with the dude next door?

B: OFN, man, it was all over the TV for the past week!

Similar to the example above, person A hasn’t been keeping up with the most recent news, and B is surprised to hear that.

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