What Does ISTG Mean in Text Messages? (Acronyms Explained)

What does ISTG mean in text messages?

ISTG is a texting abbreviation widely used, and it stands for: 

 I Swear To God.

This initialism has been around for centuries. It comes from the courtroom oath that traditionally said, “I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

“I Swear To God” is a shorter phrase and has become typical in conversational English, saying, “I promise this is true.” 

ISTG can be heard every day, and it is very close to the famous OMG (Oh My God) acronym.

What Does ISTG Mean in Text Messages? (Acronyms Explained)

How to Use ISTG?

As you probably know, ISTG is primarily used in texting. It adds emphasis to a statement and shows sincerity. ISTG stresses that what you are saying is true.

The most common use of ISTG can be found in:

Making promises – You want others to believe that you will change your behavior or never make the same mistake again. 

Threatening – People sometimes use ISTG to underline that someone’s actions will have consequences. With ISTG, a threat sounds more serious.

Expressing frustration – Frustration and anger can also be expressed through this initialism. It can be used when someone is trying to explain how difficult or annoying something feels. 

Communicating that you are telling the truth – You are telling the truth, but they don’t believe you. You can use ISTG to express that you are not kidding or lying.

Other Meanings of ISTG 

It’s most common that ISTG means I Swear To God. However, ISTG can also stand for:

  • I Stay on The Grind
  • I Stan This Group
  • I Support The Girls
  • Intersite Topology Generator
  • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
  • Implicit State Transition Graph
  • Information Storage Technology Group
  • Integrated Systems Tech Group

Examples of How ISTG Is Used

Example #1

A: You are late again, and this behavior is completely unprofessional!

B: This won’t happen again, ISTG.

In the example above, person A is frustrated with person B’s unprofessional behavior and lateness. Person B states that it won’t happen ever again. 

Example #2 

A: We are traveling tomorrow, but I am not sure if we can go by car.

B: If we have to travel by bus again, ISTG, I am not going!

In the second example, person A states that they are traveling tomorrow, but it’s not sure if they can go by car. Person B expresses that they won’t go if a bus is the only way of transport in that case. 

Example #3 

They are stealing my ideas, ISTG; it’s unbelievable!

The person is annoyed with someone stealing their ideas.  

Example #4

A: I know that you lost my book! I saw it in your room the last time, and now it’s gone!

B: I did not, ISTG! Check out your shelf one more time, and you will find it.

Example #5 

A: I don’t like your friend Marrie. She is not kind at all!

B: Marrie is my best friend, and you need to accept that.

A: If I see her again in our house, ISTG, I won’t talk to you anymore!

When You Shouldn’t Use ISTG

This phrase is usually inappropriate when having a professional conversation, school assignments, or any other situation requiring formal etiquette. Using ISTG and similar terms can sound quite unprofessional and casual. 

It can also feel disrespectful when used in front of certain religious groups who might be offended by this expression.

When using acronyms, think twice about who you are having a conversation with and if this is an appropriate time and place for this and similar phrases.

Variations of ISTG

The phrase I swear to God has some variations, which can be “ISTG,” “istg” or “IS2G”. There is also a more inappropriate one – ISTMFG, which stands for I Swear To Mother F***ing God. This phrase is vulgar, and you should consider using a different one. 🙂

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