The Most Interesting Things to Collect – 14 Unique Ideas!

We all collect something, sometimes without realizing it. The process of collecting things is actually a process of making memories. Every piece is one unique story we are choosing to remember.

As you already know, collecting is also a beautiful way of connecting with history, learning, and becoming more interesting as a person.

We love collecting things, and in this article, we’ll give you some of the most interesting ideas for things to collect.

miniature colorful things to collect

Why do people collect things?

Of course, there is no one correct answer to this question. The Guardian says that a third of people in the U.K. collect something. For some, collecting things can be associated with showing loyalty or appreciation. It can also be connected to the old memories, which is the case with nostalgic collectors.

However, most of the people enjoying this hobby would agree that the most interesting thing is actually the excitement of the hunt. Finding out more about a specific topic, diving deeper, and meeting people with the same interest is the soul of collecting things.

The Endowment Effect shows how we value things that we have more highly once we own them. This effect can also be one of the things that are driving us to collect more. 

When you better understand this hobby, dive right into it and find the most interesting thing to collect based on your preferences! 

#1 – Books

Having access to the library was all well and good, but as a collector, you had to own the book.

― John Baxter, A Pound of Paper: Confessions of a Book Addict

If you are a fan of reading books, both old and new, you will love hunting for books from medieval times to the latest works. You can keep a theme and seek those specific books, such as a particular author, an era, or a genre. 

As you begin collecting your favorite publications, you would want to grow your collection bigger. Another sub idea is to collect first edition books only

A few tips for beginners:

  • Collect with your heart – Every collection is displaying the soul of the collector. Take some time to find out what excites you the most. Is it a specific genre? A beautiful book cover, maybe? Choose something you are passionate about and start exploring.
  • Learn From Experts – You can always search independently, but a little help is always welcomed. John Carter’s ABC for Book Collectors is one one the most in-depth guide. 
  • Follow the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Associations so you can follow the lists of upcoming book fairs. 
man holding books

#2 – Silhouettes

Sometimes in the middle of the world of colors, we forget the power of black and white. Try taking pictures of the people and things that you love. You can build a silhouette collection that will remind you of the beautiful life moments. This hobby is also really affordable, all you need is your phone or digital camera. 

You can also connect with other silhouette lovers from Silhouettes Collectors Club

#3 – Knives and Swords

Knives and swords have been the oldest form of ammunition in the world’s history. Gradually, the shape, sizes, and designs of knives changed and evolved. 

If you are passionate about battles through history, this hobby is perfect for you. Just keep in mind that hunting for these items can be really difficult, and make sure that you want to spend a bit more on the collection.

#4 – Candles

From colorful twisted to luxurious scented ones, candles are a beautiful thing to collect. They can look almost like little sculptures in different colors, styles, and techniques. You can consider ordering candles from one specific period, a particular color you like, or whatever you enjoy.

Additionally, you can add gorgeous antique candle holders from all over the world to your collection. 

A little reminder – remember that candles are made of wax.

That means that you should be very careful while storing them. Here are some of the best candle-keeping ideas we have found online. 

scented candle collecting

#5 – Handmade Souvenirs

The collection is not going to be specific for a type. Just pick your favorite thing the next time you go on vacation. It can be a chopstick from China, postcards, or some other handmade products. 

Souvenirs are fun if you are careful to find something that you genuinely enjoy from another country or culture.

#6 – Key Chains

The collection of key chains is an interesting hobby and an affordable one as well. You can go to almost any region of the world and get a keychain for your collection. In fact, you can create categories in your keychain collection by colors and areas. 

It would be so cool to have a room full of hanging key chains from around the globe.

#7 – Bottle Caps

The bottle caps are so fun to collect. In the Guinness Book of Records, Poul Høegh Poulsen holds the world record for largest bottle cap collection, with more than 101,700 different bottle caps from around the globe. His collection is stunning, and yours can be too! 

You will be surprised how quickly the collection is going to expand with a lot of unique bottle caps. So if you find any bottle cap attractive, do not mind taking it.

#8 – Hand Mirrors

Hand mirrors come in a variety of ranges, from sequenced to simple, elegant pieces. If you love carrying hand mirrors and appreciate their power, you will be a fan of this hobby. 

Different regions have different cultures, and hand mirrors are present in every corner of the world. Imagine how beautiful your collection box might look with hand mirrors from around the earth, depicting different designs and in a range of tones. 

In this article, you will find out everything about mirror history, care, types, and identification. 

#9 – Snow Globes

Glass snowglobes originated in France in the 1800s. They gained fame in the U.S. as a souvenir of travel stops.

Snowglobes were linked with early roadside trips, as early tourist amusement parks, motels, and restaurants started to sell them. 

Whenever you visit any place, purchase a snow globe of a different kind. Fill a room with this collection and of glorious snow globes. You will remember the place you have visited with this magical item to remind you.

happy couple with snow globe

#10 – Sand

The idea might sound odd, but you will fall in love with this one as you began your sand collection. Every beach has a different type of sand.

There are variations in texture, granulation, and color. 

Get yourself a few bottles and get going on your sand collection journey. Do not forget to label them area-wise.

#11 – Tickets

For travelers, collecting your tickets is a unique way of remembering interesting details. You get to reflect on all your trips and show others your journey as well. 

You can collect airplane, train or metro tickets from all over the world. The concert, cinema or museum tickets are also an option.

#12 – Leaves

If you are an environment lover and keep traveling to places, one of the most interesting things to collect is leaves. No one can ever guess the biodiversity of plants in the world. There are wild plants, flowers, medicinal plants, etc., in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

You can pick one or two whenever you find an unusual plant. Then, you can preserve them in a collection book or frame it with the date of collection and exact area.

#13 – Clocks

Either alarm clock or wall clock, the clock collection is extremely interesting. Get yourself a watch from different world regions and set the time according to that region, and place them all in a room altogether so you can visit all the places at once. 

According to Guinness World Records, the largest collection of clocks belongs to Jack Schoff (USA), who has 1,509 different functioning clocks. All of the watches are displayed at his home.

clock on pink and blue background

#14 – Quotes

If you keep seeking inspiration, this idea will change your life for the better. If you like the quote, cut it and collect it in a box or paste them on your wall for a regular reminder. 

You can also buy or create a few beautiful notebooks to collect quotes from different people you admire. 

It can be anything that you appreciate, from your favorite writers to some interesting movie quotes

Your Turn!

We hope that you have found our list interesting and useful. So feel free to look around, explore the world, and you will most definitely find something that you love to collect. And when you do, dig deeper, find all the recourses that you possibly can.

Let us know in the comments which of the things to collect did you found the most interesting. 

We will be more than happy to see your beautiful collection in the future!

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