12 Low-Cost Crafting Hobbies Ideas You Should Try Today

Are you bored with your routine?

Perhaps you are looking for a creative way to spend your time?

If yes, then you must try our top four favorite types of creative crafting hobbies! Each category will include a few suggestions you can consider and choose your favorite.

The best thing about it?

All of the hobbies on our list are low-cost and easy to start! You just need a bit of time, and we guarantee that, once your creative juices start flowing – you will never look back.

Let’s get started!

Low-cost crafting hobbies.

#1 – Painting and Drawing Hobbies

Painting and drawing - creative hobbies.

We start our list with probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about creative hobbies.

If you have always loved colorful paintings or artistic sketches, it is time to try painting and drawing yourself!

However, we would never leave you with such a broad suggestion. There are so many interesting areas of this creative skill, and the chances are – one of them is the perfect choice for you.

So, you can try a lot of different things when it comes to painting and drawing. Here are our recommendations:

Urban Sketching

Ever saw people sitting on a bench or walking the streets with a sketching pad and a pencil in their hand?

You probably came across some urban sketchers.

Urban sketching is a particular drawing niche that revolves around capturing captivating scenes in your urban environment. It can be anything from a famous neoclassical facade to a lively flea market scene.

Urban sketching leaves you with so much to cherish from the moments you would have missed otherwise!

Collage Art

Not all paintings are created with a brush.

Suppose you have a collection of old books, newspapers, and magazines that you kept for some reason.

In that case, you can turn them into something extraordinary by trying collage art.

Cut out your favorite pieces, paste them on a separate piece of paper, an old book cover, or a frame and create amazing compositions. This activity can help you remember all the fun you had the last time you did collage – which is probably when you were five years old!

Charcoal Sketching

As you had the chance to see with the example of urban sketching, there is much more to drawing than just putting lines on paper.

Another unique sketching style you can try if you are into drawing is charcoal sketching. It is an incredibly expressive but also a challenging skill that can produce amazing artworks.

If you want to look more into it – we recommend this beginner’s guide.

#2 – Paper Crafting Hobbies


If colorful pages, inked newspapers, sparkly cards, and metallic sheets intrigue you, then you must give papercraft a try.

You have multiple papercrafts to choose from, depending upon your preferences.

Let’s take a look at our suggestions.

Foil Art

You might have seen some creative pieces with beautiful gold and silver metallic art on them. It is usually shiny, colorful (but it doesn’t have to be), and filled with interesting patterns.

Well, that is exactly what foil art is.

You can use different types of foils and turn them into unique artworks. The possibilities are endless, and there is a lot of inspiration across the internet.

You will need some equipment to get started, but it’s nothing that will break your bank. You need foil papers, a laminator, paper sheets, and a printer, and you are good to go!

Scrapbook Art

If you have countless pictures and dear memories that you want to turn into a masterpiece, then you can try scrapbook art.

Give each scrapbook a different theme, paste your pictures, paste some cutouts, write the dates, and create a unique piece from scratch.

You can create travel scrapbooks, best friends scrapbooks, recipes scrapbooks, and much more.

Along with the opportunity to create something beautiful, you will get a chance to relive your favorite moments and enjoy the memories.

Decoupage Art

Do you have an old jewelry box or a piece of furniture that you would like to freshen up?

You can personalize any item you own by painting and pasting cutouts from different books, newspapers, wallpaper, greeting cards, etc.

Decoupage is one of the most creative crafting hobbies you can try as it offers you complete creative freedom! Plus, it turns your boring items into something beautiful and customized.

#3 – Journaling Crafts

Journaling as a hobby.

If you are a fan of journals and you cannot find a perfect one yourself, then it is the right time to create one of your own by yourself.

Journaling is not just a hobby but a therapy. It gets even better once you decide to give it a creative twist!

If you would like to try it, then consider the following directions:

Art Journal

Grab your scrapbook, some paints, a few cutouts, colorful pens to write, strong glue, and your favorite quotes.

Next, begin exploring your artistic side by designing your diary.

From handwritten typography to beautiful drawings and collages – there are countless ways you can design your journal. Choose one or ten of them and see what kind of a combination you come up with. It is entirely up to you!

Planner Journal

Are you a goal-oriented and productive person, but you also cherish your creative side?

You can test your creative skills by making a planner journal that will help you set goals and track your progress.

You can set weekly, monthly, or even yearly goals in it. Give each month a different background or paste a unique quote on each page. Once again, do whatever suits you the most.

Calligraphy Art

If you generally enjoy these types of hobbies, you are never going to regret learning calligraphy!

Keep in mind that it is challenging and takes time to learn, but it is very rewarding. You can explore different styles or try freestyle calligraphy to develop your own.

Yes, calligraphy can get expensive once you start exploring different inks, pens, and other supplies. However, you are probably a long way from that, and it is still very inexpensive to get started.

#4 – Miniature Art

Miniature model.

Out of all crafting hobbies out there, we bet you have never seriously considered picking up this one!

Undoubtedly, miniature art is difficult but is worth trying. When you see the possibilities of building a unique world through your miniature artwork, you will know why that is the case.

Another great thing about this group of hobbies is that you can easily turn them into group projects. You know that we are big fans of social hobbies, so it’s clear why this is a plus.

There are still different areas you can explore here. You can try some of the following ones yourself:

Scale Modeling

Creating small models of real-life things sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

You can build planes, trains, roads, furniture, people, and whatever you can think of – it will always be a lot of fun!

It’s a great test of your fine motor skills and patience. Once you get going, you can create quite an impressive collection of your works and display them somewhere in your house or apartment.

If you are interested, we recommend checking out the magazine Scale Modeling Now.

Buildings & Architectural Model Making

Why stop at vehicles and furniture when you can build entire houses?

Sure, these projects may be a bit more challenging. Still, they also offer much more opportunities to express your crafting skills.

Wake up your inner architect and start building models of houses and famous buildings. Combine this skill with scale modeling, and you can create miniatures of people to populate your structures and bring some life into them!

Bonus Idea – Advanced Level

If you get incredibly good at model making and have an artistic side, you can explore conceptual model making in architecture.

However, this area is entirely different from the regular crafting of realistic buildings. The models are abstract and conceptual, which is a whole new world to explore. You will also need an in-depth understanding of the architectural design and properties of materials before you start.

Garden Modeling

We have talked about modeling planes, cars, even buildings. But what about the beautiful gardens and parks?

If you are more into nature than urban scenery or famous buildings, you can instead try modeling gardens. Surfaces covered in grass, beautiful trees, and little water parks can bring your miniature garden to life!

You can use textures, small stones, tiny plants, and even mini toys to make it more beautiful. Once again, you can add little humans and their pets to imagine how everyday walks would feel in your park.

Your Turn

Crafting is not everyone’s piece of cake, but how would you know if you never try?

We would like to hear about your experiences. Which of the crafting hobbies from our list would you try? Is there anything you would like to have seen on the list?

Let us know in the comments below!

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