11 Social Hobbies to Get Into & Meet New People

Human beings can’t function without companionship and contact. Despite our best efforts to deny this and move past it, the most apparent reality of human nature is that man is a social animal at best and lonely at worst. 

Thankfully, hobbies are an excellent way to spend time and obtain rich experiences while doing so.

Social hobbies are hobbies that emphasize human contact and interaction. They provide a space and atmosphere for people to come together and develop skills and enjoy themselves!

But how exactly can you pinpoint a social hobby that aligns with their interests and goals?

The popular misconception is that social hobbies are only limited to group meetings and stale clubs that bring no variety or enjoyment to the table. This is a completely wrong assumption that comes from a lack of searching and knowing.

In this article, we’re listing down eleven social hobbies that you’ll love to get into and meet new people as well.

Social hobbies.

#1 – Game nights

Game nights as a social hobby.

Who thought game nights could be hobbies?

Well, they most certainly are and invite for a great and fun experience with lots of people.

A lot of adults avoid these on account of thinking that game nights are silly and childish. On the contrary, they have much room for games that are mentally stimulating for all age groups.

#2 – Golfing

Golfing - close up of a golf club.

While golfing sounds to many like a boring affair, it is the complete opposite of that.

Golfing involves a very calculated blend of mind and body that provides players with much entertainment. The people factor mandatory in it is the cherry on top for those who love social activities.

#3 – Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing.

While wrongly considered a buried art, ballroom dancing is a fun and simultaneously sophisticated take on dancing.

It brings about a display of people that come together to learn and enjoy the elements and antics of dancing the old-fashioned way. It is also a great way to generate more intimate bonds (and the shoes involved are simply divine!).

#4 – Pet play-dates

Playing with a dog in a park.

While taking your pets out on play dates makes it a day of entertainment for them, it is also a great chance for you to meet and interact with other pet owners.

This fantastic hobby can help you learn about new and better ways of pet care. Bunching together a group of furry friends just adds a lot more fun to the mix and makes this social hobby more appealing.

#5 – Bowling

Bowling as a social hobby.

Having a passion for bowling is a good source of interacting with other people. Since bowling is not a one-person game, you are bound to meet new people as you venture into your local bowling alley.

Finding common interests with people who already enjoy your hobby of choice is a good prospect to be looking at.

#6 – Reading clubs

Reading club.

Book clubs might not entice everyone, but they sure are a very pleasant affair for book worms.

They are also a very good place to meet new people who could become reading buddies and even friends. So, the misconception that readers can’t be social is exactly that — wrong.

#7 – Knitting groups


Although considered more feminine, knitting is a perfect opportunity to meet new people for those who aren’t exactly the outdoorsy type.

Knitting might sound like an overly complex task, but it can be an enjoyable hobby once you get the hang of it.

When done in group settings, knitting opens doors to further learning and engagement.

#8 – Yoga communities

Yoga class as a social hobby.

Joining yoga communities can be a fun activity when done with the social thrill of it.

Sure, yoga is a calming hobby that helps release tension and unlock new physical capacities that are rewarding and enjoyable.

Yoga communities are also great places to meet people and indulge in physical activity in the process. The fact that yoga relaxes the mind and body is just an added benefit of this!

#9 – Cooking classes

A couple cooking together.

People who are fond of creating marvelous dishes through mere ingredients might enjoy polishing their skills through cooking classes and meeting new people while doing so.

Cooking classes are an excellent social hobby that involves learning, engagement, and a whole lot of fun!

Culinary institutes also help us truly put our skills to the test. Because while we may be chefs at home, the same might not resonate everywhere.

#10 – Group hiking

Hiking with friends.

Group hiking is one of the most exciting and thrilling social hobbies out there. It involves a guide that helps a group hike through beautiful but tough-to-navigate scenarios.

Groups hikes provide ample opportunities to meet new people, especially since people who get involved in hiking activities are usually extroverts and enjoy company a lot.

#11 – Choir

Singing - choir.

Music groups are a well-appreciated social hobby that strings together harmony, talent, and group coordination.

While many people might not think of choir as a social interaction sphere, it is no less a social hobby than any other. Choirs test the vocal limits of participants while encouraging them to bond with one another.


Some people feel fulfilled and energized when they are around others. For them, social hobbies are a very promising way to expand their social circle and find a fruitful and productive way to spend time.

They are infinitely better than regular individual time passes because they provide an opportunity to connect with those around us who pursue the same interests.

Human contact promotes psychological wellness, which is the foundation for a better and richer life.

Which of the hobbies we listed would you be willing to try out?

Let us know by writing a comment below!

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