27 Best Psychology Jokes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Psychology has always been an intriguing subject. This is true for both professional psychologists and those who are simply curious about what its secrets hold.

All the human mind and behavior talk makes it the perfect inspiration for wit and clever remarks.

Today, we’re lining up hilarious psychology jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh ’til you’re breathless!

Let’s get straight into it!

Psychology jokes.

The Best Psychology Jokes

Does the name Pavlov ring the faintest of bells to you?

This obvious joke takes a hilarious dig at Ivan Pavlov’s behavioral experiment through which he discovered the phenomenon of classical conditioning.

It’s simple but one of the best psychology jokes for sure.

How many psychotherapists does it take to change a lightbulb?
Just one, but it’ll need nine more sessions.

Yeah, just a couple more should do it.

A therapist suggests that a man needs to work on his constant need to please others.
What was his reply?
“Sure, if it makes you happy.”

All the people pleasers out there, please stand up – we know you connected with this joke in a heartbeat.

If someone asks you whether you’ve got any psychology jokes up your sleeve, answer with:

“I’m a-Freud not….”

As with all jokes, wordplay definitely makes for some of the best choices in the psychology section as well.

Why is there no point in going to a child psychologist?
They’re too young.

We are keeping up the wordplay!

I want to buy a guide that covers all of the aspects of phobias.

That includes even those that I am too afraid to know about.

Dad jokes in psychology – what a treat.

My therapist informed me that I was delusional.
I took so much offense that I almost fell off my unicorn.

Who knew psychology jokes could be so cheesy?

Why was Waldo going to start psychotherapy?
He wanted to find himself.

We bet you could have seen that one coming, but it still is as funny as ever.

A man engraving a psychotherapist’s tombstone broke down the word into three parts, with ‘the’ in the middle.
Safe to say he was fired afterward.

This psychology joke is so hilarious you forget to take offense!

Why was the psychology major such a good musician?
He was classically conditioned.

Here is one for all the psychology majors (or those about to be).

How many psychologists do you need to change your lamp light?
Just one. But the lamp should want to see the change in itself.

Another lightbulb-related joke – who knew we had more of them under our sleeve?

Why was the polar bear worried after he visited the psychiatrist?

He was diagnosed as bipolar.

You should have seen this one coming.

A child walks past the parents’ bedroom, looks inside, and mumbles:
And they want to send me to a psychologist for sucking my thumb.

A few NSFW jokes here and there always come in handy to spice things up!

Why can’t you hear psychologists urinate?
The ‘P’ is silent.

We bet you faced-palmed at this one.

Best psychology jokes.

The secret behind Pavlov’s soft hair was classical conditioning.

How many classical conditioning jokes can there be out there?
A lot more than you think, apparently. Let’s keep going.

Why was the calendar depressed?
Because its days were numbered.

We are right back at the wordplay, folks!

A better-suited name for the placebo effect would be trick or treatment.

Remember this one for next Halloween, and you may get a few laughs at the dinner table.

What does a parking ticket complain to his therapist about?
It’s always waiting for someone to validate it.

Aren’t we all parking tickets then?

I went to the psychologist to treat my giant ego.
I think it worked. I’m feeling much better than all of you today.

That one backfired well.

Why didn’t the psychologist meet the client who thought he was invisible?
She didn’t have the time to see him.

Did you see that one coming?

Introverts have just discovered that their normal lifestyle is referred to as ‘quarantine’ by the likes of every other person.

The primary discovery of 2020.

How does a narcissist change a light bulb?
They hold it still while the whole world revolves around them, as it should.

Ouch, but okay.

Some people have discovered the hack of dating psychology majors because therapy is too expensive.

There are a few life hacks scattered throughout this list too.

Psychologists who have a fear of residing in tall buildings have a severe case of the apartment complex.

The epitome of psychology jokes.

Why did the lying psychologist not want to go to the Jung convention?
He was a Freud.

Freud and Pavlov jokes just keep on giving.

An author penning down a book based on reverse psychology would probably tell his readers not to read the book.

The next best-selling author.

“Doctor, I feel like such a failure.”
“Anyone who can pay my fees is certainly not a failure.”

And neither are you – for reaching the end of our list! Congratulations, and we hope you had a few honest laughs while you were scrolling.

Your Turn

Now, can you help us expand our list?

What is your favorite psychology joke that wasn’t on the list?

Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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