How to Respond to a Compliment – 30 Smart and Funny Replies

“You are so smart!” 

“You look great in that dress.” 

“You’re so good at what you do!”

We bet that you already feel a bit nervous!

So how on Earth do we respond to a compliment? 

We all know that feeling of awkwardness when someone says something nice about us. Our brains just go into panic mode and shut down as they attempt to process what was said.

Furthermore, we often end up saying something dumb in response or, worse, nothing at all.

This article will offer you 30 ways to respond to a compliment in a way that will make the person offering it feel good and make you look fantastic.

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General Tips & Tricks When Responding to a Compliment

#1 – Don’t be shy.

Even the most confident people get embarrassed when someone gives them a compliment. However, responding in an awkward manner will not send the right message. The person telling you how awesome you are can feel upset – maybe even think that they said something wrong or that you don’t believe them.

You should let it go! Most compliments have no hidden agenda behind them; they’re usually from well-meaning people who want to make other people feel good about themselves.

#2 – Don’t respond too quickly; take your time!

Each person deserves a thoughtful response to their compliment, so before opening your mouth, it’s best to take some time to choose an appropriate response.

If someone asks for your opinion and it seems as if they are excited about hearing from you, then don’t turn them down by taking too long to respond. However, you can give yourself around 5 seconds to calm down your nerves before you respond.

#3 – Make eye contact.

To convey your sincere response, make direct eye contact with the person who has just said something nice about you. This will give them a clearer message and show that you genuinely care.

Your eyes are powerful. Don’t be shy to look someone in the eye when they talk to you!

#4 – Don’t downplay their compliment!

If someone gives us a sincere compliment, don’t try to take it lightly because you are shy or think you do not deserve it.

Remember that there’s nothing wrong with accepting a compliment!

If someone tells us something nice about our appearance, we should accept the compliment and reply by telling them how we feel about what they’ve said. 

Showing gratitude in this way will make the giver glad to have brought a smile to your face. Furthermore, it’ll also show them that you are thankful for their effort instead of brushing it off because we don’t want to sound boastful.

Here are some of our picks when it comes to responding to a compliment:

Smart Replies to a Compliment

  • Thank you, fam! I woke up like this.
  • You know what? I really like you.
  • Is that the best you’ve got?
  • Thanks, I sacrificed many lives for it.
  • I couldn’t hear you . . . could you say that again?
  • Woah, that escalated quickly!
  • I’m glad I made your day brighter.
  • Hanging around the right people really changes you.
  • Careful—you might get burned.
  • I’d tell you how, but you would have to pay me.
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Funny Replies to a Compliment

  • It must be the meds kicking in.
  • Finally, I found someone who agrees with my grandma.
  • It’s tough being such a sex symbol.
  • What? Is the end of the world coming?
  • You have such a good eye for quality.
  • Thanks, wanna get a room?
  • Thanks, but it’s not for sale!
  • Well, that makes two of us! 
  • You must be looking at a mirror.
  • Don’t tell anyone, but I used to be an ugly duckling.
Funny way to respond to a cmpliment.

Sincere Replies to a Compliment

  • Thanks so much- I love how (insert personality trait) you are too.
  • Thanks- that’s nice of you to say.
  • That’s nice to hear.
  • Thanks – you made my day.
  • That means a lot coming from you.
  • Wow, thanks so much.
  • It’s so rare to meet such a kind person – I’m grateful to be here with you.
  • You’re so sweet!
  • I think you’re attractive too.
  • Thank you so much! I truly appreciate you!

As we have mentioned, you need to learn how to accept a compliment. However, self-deprecating humor can be used as a witty response. It’s all about how you say it and the tone of your voice when you speak.

Receiving a sincere compliment.

How to Give a Sincere Compliment

Now when we know how to respond to a compliment – we would like to cover the topic of giving compliments, too!

We think it is safe to say that everyone loves getting a compliment from someone they respect. It’s a great feeling to hear how amazingly talented or good-looking someone thinks we are.

Giving compliments can also help you connect with the person. You can make friends easily by allowing others to know you and feel comfortable around you. After all, no one dislikes those who say nice things about them!

But how do we give a compliment? 

It’s not as easy as it sounds because we may not always know what to say. So we have decided to share with you some ideas that might come in handy when you need to give compliments but don’t know how.

  • Don’t choose something you wouldn’t usually say to someone in conversation. 
  • Choose something that has a special meaning to the person receiving your compliment.
  • Make your compliment personal. Don’t just say, “I like your shirt” – tell them why you chose that particular design or brand and how well it suits them.
  • Be genuine. If you compliment someone on something that isn’t unique or special in any way, they will know it. 

When someone does something remarkable or shares an opinion that is maybe better than yours – be sure to tell them that! It will definitely put a smile on their face because we all appreciate when we’re praised for our work.

Here are some of the compliments that you should say if you would like to sound genuine:

  • You’re a fantastic person.
  • You’re a smart cookie.
  • You have the best laugh.
  •  I truly appreciate you.
  • I’m grateful to know you.
  • You should be proud of yourself.
  • Thank you for being you.
  • You’re really something special.
  • You always find something beautiful in ordinary things.
  • You have a beautiful soul.
  • You’re one of a kind!
  • Life would be better if more people were like you!
  • Thank you for being there for me.
  • You inspire me!
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It’s Your Turn!

You are ready to respond to a compliment and to give one. We hope that our article was helpful and we invite you to check out our guides on the best ways to compliment both men and women.

Now it’s time for you to practice. Some situations may be strange and new to you, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be handled!

Go out there and live your life. Be wise enough not to miss the opportunities when they present themselves to you. Make new friends, talk to strangers and of course, don’t be afraid to accept the kind words!

We would love to hear from you!

What is the most unique compliment that you have received?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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