11 Awesome Tips on How to Increase Charisma (Starting Today)

We hear the word charisma thrown around a lot in this day and age. While we all seek it indefinitely, we may not be aware of what this simple word truly means.

Charisma would be the draw that some people naturally seem to have on others. We are social beings, and influencing those around us might not be the worst thing. The follow-up question that ties itself to this is, how to increase charisma?

Many explanations to this hover around the notion that some people naturally have it, while others don’t. Not only is this a crushing revelation if any, but it is also very untrue.

Many people don’t know that charisma is a learned quality. With that in mind, we can say that not all is lost. On the contrary, there are many things that you can do to improve this vital aspect of your personality. Better yet – we’ve got you covered!

How to increase charisma - 11 awesome ways!

How To Increase Charisma

In the following segments, we’re going to explore the eleven most fool-proof ways to increase charisma. The catch? You have to make an unwavering commitment to it today!

Let’s get into it.

Tip #1 – Work on Your Confidence, Charisma Will Follow

The thing about confidence is that while it is a very desired quality, it is often quite tricky to master. There is, however, an accessible shortcut to this dilemma. When it comes to confidence, the rule “fake it until you make it” works wonders. 

In the process of exuding confidence, charisma is a close second. So, the first noteworthy rule on how to increase charisma? Exude confidence!

Tip #2 – Inject Passion in Everything You Do

You must have noticed that whenever passion becomes a part of something, it enhances it. 

We tend to admire people who show strong enthusiasm about a particular activity. Before we know it, we start perceiving that person as naturally charismatic. 

So, increasing charisma is as simple as making passion a part of everything you do!

Tip #3 – Believe in Yourself

First, we have to believe in the abilities and skills that we possess. We must then expand that to start believing that we can do anything we put our mind to, no matter the situation. Soon, we notice that our energy changes. 

This very energy radiates charisma like nothing else! In simple words, a hack to increasing one’s charisma is to radiate with self-belief and confidence.

Tip #4 – Develop a Strong Internal Motivation

It is no secret that placing a strong motive behind every action increases our chances of success. It also molds the quality with which we carry out any task. 

Having a sharp internal source of motivation will lead to a charismatic appearance. Nothing is as appealing as a person who knows where they are going. So, how to increase charisma? Try to motivate yourself to do even the simplest actions can go a long way.

A poster about internal motivation saying - make things happen.

Tip #5 – Be Present in Every Moment

By paying attention to our everyday life, we are not just less likely to make small mistakes. Rather, being more attentive is a quality charismatic people possess. 

You might wonder how is this true? 

Mindfulness is what makes you fully present in the moment. It helps you appreciate the little things around you. You start valuing the conversations you have, noticing people’s emotions and their current state of mind.

The key to being more loveable is to show others that you care about them. Hence, mastering detail-orientation is one of the most straight forward ways to increase charisma. 

Not only that, it will help you be more grateful and happy in general.

Tip #6 – Find Your Inner Voice

One of the most common traits among charismatic individuals is their ability to present themselves for who they are. By doing so, they inspire others to do the same. 

This is where the previously mentioned quality of confidence comes into play. Effortless self-expression attracts those around us and is a guaranteed way to increase charisma in the long run.

Find your inner voice and show the world who you are!

Tip #7 – Be Open & Approachable

People often tend to gravitate towards people they perceive as being approachable. Indeed, approachability is not something we are consciously aware of most of the time.

Here are some ways you can appear more approachable right now:

  • maintain an open body posture
  • radiate openness by smiling
  • keep your head up
  • look people in the eyes
  • angle your feet, legs and your entire body towards the person with who you are talking
How to increase charisma - be open and approachable!

Tip #8 – Radiate Warmth & Positive Emotions

We seem to be talking about assertiveness quite often these days. However, just as important part of successful communication is warmth, similar to the approachability.

We are emotional creatures, and we like to feel close to other people. That’s why charismatic people have that warm, friendly around them everywhere they go. 

One easy step to increasing charisma today is looking at people around you in a friendlier manner. You might be the reason someone’s day just got better!

Tip #9 – Invest in First Impressions

We agree that first impressions are not the last ones. However, your initial contact with someone may determine how that person views you for a long time. 

Would you rather work hard to improve your shaky social image or have a great one from the start?

The solution is straightforward. Put effort into how you portray yourself when you first meet people. Establishing an excellent first impression ironically depends on all of the tips that we already covered.

Tip #10 – Control & Master Self-disclosure

People will admire you for your ability to express yourself. However, expanding this character trait to become an open book is risky business. 

Nobody likes people that are rude in the name of being honest. Sometimes it is better to let things go. Nothing is ever black and white, and you will have to use your common sense.

It would be best if you aimed to master self-disclosure in a controlled, yet open way. This skill will prove crucial on your path to building respect in your relationships everywhere.

Tip #11 – Keep Your Emotions Under Control

You can display warmth, approachability and passion only when you can keep your emotions in check. Mastering your emotions is a long and challenging journey, but we all have to start somewhere.

Would you ever consider someone who has regular emotional outbursts a charismatic person? Neither will other people.

However, this is a very tricky subject. We are not telling you to be a cold-hearted robot! Suppressing and pushing your feelings down will only backfire, sooner or later. 

It would help if you were recognizing your emotions and being aware of what’s going on inside. A useful step would also be to try and find the actual cause of your emotional hurricane. Try to find the butterfly that flapped its wings somewhere in the past.

Doing this regularly will help you recognize patterns and, hopefully, develop ways of dealing with the problematic triggers.

Your Turn

In the end, charisma truly does depend on one’s effort to attain it. 

Let us know which of these tips are you going to implement straight away?

We will be more than happy to hear from you in the comments below!

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