Does Humor Make You Attractive? (What Does Science Say)

Humor has been known as one of the most valued personality traits when meeting someone new. In fact, when you ask what people look for in their future partners, many have a straightforward answer: a good sense of humor.

But have you ever wondered does humor make you attractive?

In this article, we will explore this question and delve deep into the reasons and explanations.

Let’s get started!

Does Humor Make You Attractive?

Why do we find funny people attractive?

Naturally, we find humorous people attractive because they instantly bring joy into our lives when they make us laugh.

By sharing the same sense of humor, they make us feel happy in the given moment. That trait promises even happier and funnier moments in the future. 

Other than that, you’re not the first person to ask any of these questions: countless studies were made that focused on this topic specifically. 

The results of these studies are quite similar when it comes to the question does humor make you attractive

For example, one of the studies was made in 2015 about the link between humor and physical attractiveness, and it showed the significant importance people put on humor as a trait they look for in their partners. 

But what are the reasons behind the fact that we find humor as a factor of attractiveness in others?

#1 – Laughter is essential in life.

To start with the obvious one, a well-known fact is how much laughter is a priority to many of us in life.

The same sense of humor is important to all connections we make with others, and it’s one of the reasons why humor makes others immediately attractive. 

Humor is an amazing icebreaker that makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease, without tiring your brain trying to come up with new questions to cut the awkward silence.

Imagine it like this: funny stories and jokes are like a wheel going down the hill – it will become almost impossible to stop it once it takes off!

And even further along the line, if we know for sure that we can always laugh freely with the other person, it cuts a lot of our daily worries. A good dose of laughter will never fail to relax and cheer us up at any given time.

Girl Laughter

#2 – Funny people are observative.

Another fact when it comes to humor, funny people are known to be very observative, and we’re not only talking about observational comedy.

Firstly, not everyone is naturally gifted at making good jokes at all times. It requires practice and definitely a certain amount of watching other people and noting what makes them laugh.

Since that’s the case, most funny people tend to notice small things and changes in mood behavior in others. 

Being observative is a very important benefit and a perk to humor, even if it’s only a little detail that you remembered the other person once said. Also, it probably made the other person happy and content in your presence – you paid attention to them and cared enough to actively make them laugh.

So if you were wondering does humor make you attractive to others, being observative comes naturally. It’s usually based purely on instinct without actively trying and thinking about it – but it makes all the difference!

#3 – Humor as a sign of intelligence.

A good sense of humor and intelligence go hand in hand. 

If you were not familiar with the link between humor and intelligence, they both play a huge part when it comes to someone’s sense of humor. Telling a funny story and having various witty comebacks ready at all times require intelligence to a large extent. 

We should also not forget to mention that funny people usually excel at social events and making small talk with other people, which is a sign of great social intelligence many wish to possess naturally.

This all contributes to the notion that humor makes you automatically attractive to someone who appreciates the same funny stories. 

Man Laughing

#4 – Humor mirrors other personality traits.

Another reason we find funny people attractive is that when we have a similar sense of humor with someone, we probably share most of the personality traits, too.

It’s nearly impossible to fake laughter and funny jokes for a longer period. Because of that, there’s a minimal chance for someone to surprise you with entirely different behavior after you get to know them. After all, humor shows others our most honest selves that we can’t necessarily hide from others!

For the most part, telling funny stories, being charming, and enjoying the humor in general, proves that you don’t take life too seriously and that you’re confident enough to laugh at yourself with ease. 

And not only that, but laughter helps build strong relationships and makes all the confrontations seem silly in the end. There’s even a study that shows the correlation between low levels of aggression and a sense of humor.

If you consider humor above all an important trait in partners and people you meet, you simply will not find serious people who can’t make jokes for the life of it attractive at all. 

Your Turn

Does humor make you attractive?

All in all, humor lightens our worries, easily connects us with others, does wonders for our stress levels, and makes us overall a likable person everyone wants to have around. 

So it’s not surprising that we find ourselves being more attracted to people we can, without any difficulties, share laughs with.

Now, we would love to hear from you:

Do you think humor weighs the same as physical attractiveness when talking to other people?

Please share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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