The 10 Best Karaoke Games to Spice Up Your Next Party

Whether we’re good singers or not, most of us can’t resist picking up a microphone whenever we get a chance.

You could go all in and get a karaoke machine, or you could simply use your laptop and a great karaoke Youtube channel (we are listing these at the end!).

Either way, a karaoke setup is a perfect addition to every party!

While karaoke has been around since the seventies, the rage and charm around them have truly failed to simmer down. But of course, simply doing it is not the best way to go!

Karaoke games need a little pre-preparation but guarantee a whole lot of fun. Sure, it can be hard to pick a handful of them when all the choices seem equally inviting. That is where we come in.

In this article, we’re short-listing the best karaoke games that are sure to spice up your next party and render it a raging hit!

Best karaoke games - young man singing.

#1 – Karaoke Parody

This game involves a fun mix-up of famous songs. All attendees are split into teams and then tested on their lyrical imagination.

Each team gets a list of classic hits and tunes and has to alter the lyrics and sing following the melody. Karaoke parody is sure to make your night one to remember!

#2 – Karaoke Roulette

This karaoke game is best if played with a large group of friends. It consists of gathering all your names into a container, shaking it up, and the name fished out needs to come and sing the highlighted song.

Karaoke roulette is especially enjoyable because it involves suspense and surprise since no one has any idea when their name will come up!

#3 – Blind Karaoke

This exciting game is also known as blind auditions. It is a remake of The Voice’s specialty of picking candidates based on their vocals and talent.

The twist in this game is that the blindfolded members need to guess who is singing. You can also alter your voice and do impressions, making the guessing task tougher and far more fun!

Young woman singing.

#4 – Guess the Tune

‘Guess the tune’ is one of the classic karaoke games that is pretty self-explanatory.

It entails splitting up all the party attendees into two teams, and then one person from each team hums or sings a tune that the others have to associate with a song. While this is a pretty simple concept, it often takes a lot of brainstorming and hilariously wild guesses to get to the right answer.

Your party crowd is sure to love this one!

#5 – Karaoke Musical Chairs

This karaoke game is a true treat that combines the artistic expression of karaoke with the ever-green party game of musical chairs.

One player is required to sing a song from which bits and pieces are missing every few lines. Meanwhile, the other players walk around the chairs. When the singer puts in the correct guess, all members need to find an empty chair to sit on! If unable to do so, they leave the game. The game continues until one victor emerges.

#6 – One Word Wonder Karaoke

You should distribute all players into two equally capable teams.

One team starts singing a song, one word from which is picked and assigned to the opponent team. What the other team needs to do is sing a song that begins with that very word. This cycle goes on until one team is unable to find a song with the assigned word!

Young man singing.

#7 – Sing-song Mix-up

This karaoke game is one for the ages!

Sing-song mix-up requires writing several song names down on paper pieces and putting them into a bowl. Then, you do the same with the name of a bunch of famous singers. Draw one song and one singer out of the bowls. The person whose turn it is needs to sing the song in the voice and manner of the singer drawn.

This is one of our favorite karaoke games, and it is sure to spice up your night!

#8 – Name that song

We continue our list of best karaoke games with a simple one.

It’s a guessing game. You ask one friend to sing a song. The listeners need to name not only the song but the artist as well.

This karaoke game blends in together singing and music knowledge in a wonderful karaoke experience. The best part is that it also ensures everyone in the party, whether outgoing or shy, is involved!

#9 – Bad Lyrics

This karaoke game combines the ever-ongoing tendency of people to integrate bad and misheard lyrics into popular songs.

The ‘bad lyrics’ or ‘misheard lyrics’ game requires players to do the same, but on purpose!

Whoever comes up with the best-misheard lyrics for any highlighted song takes home the winner crown.

(Disclaimer: You are bound to ruin quite a few songs to each other after playing this game. We have warned you.)

#10 – Music Quiz

Let’s test the music knowledge!

Whip up a music quiz that requires karaoke singers to come up with a song by any artist from the most random category that you provide. It could entail a top-ten chart entry or the most random tune in the world – nothing is off-limits!

Oh, and adding a time limit to come up with the perfect song also spices things up to a very exciting level!

Bonus: Best Karaoke Youtube Channels

As promised, we are ending this list with some of the best Youtube channels that you can tune into every time you decide to do karaoke.

Here are our picks:

Your Turn

You are now all set!

Next time you plan to put together a fun party that centers around singing, be sure to incorporate these karaoke games into the mix. We can guarantee that they will help secure you the party king crown or, at the very least, cheer you up in no time!

What is your favorite game from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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