Mike Wazowski Meme – When It All Began & Why It’s Hilarious

It’s hard to believe it has been 20 years since Mike Wazowski first came into our lives. This little green guy is arguably the most iconic character from Disney and Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.

However, there is much more to Mike than that – he has a long history in memes, too!

In this article, we will discuss when the Mike Wazowski meme first appeared and why it became so popular. We’ll also examine what makes him such an iconic figure in pop culture today.

Let’s get started!

Mike Wazowski meme.

What Is the Mike Wazowski-Sulley Face Swap Meme?

The Mike Wazowski meme was born on July 14th of 2019, with a simple Facebook post from the Sulley-Core page.

They posted an image that shows Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (Sulley) with their faces swapped.

Here is how the original image looks:

Mike Wazowski - Sulley face swap.

There was something so funny and weird in the way the characters we have all loved for nearly two decades looked after the face swap that the simple image got over 1100 likes and more than 6800 shares in no time!

Since then, the Mike Wazowski meme has continued to grow in popularity across all social media channels, from Reddit to Twitter. According to Know Your Meme, it first became popular among the Spanish audience, soon spreading to become a worldwide trend.

Soon, people starting cropping the image to show only Mike with Sulley’s face, as the blank stare and the expressionless face made the perfect material for creating hilarious memes.

The Mike Wazowski meme is an example of how a small joke can grow into something that millions enjoy. Most of the time, it seems that all big memes live and grow through spontaneity, which is truly the beauty of humor.

In case some of you haven’t seen Monsters Inc. (which we highly doubt is possible), let’s take a brief look at who Mike Wazowski is in the first place.

Who Is Mike Wazowski?

Mike Wazowski is a spherical, green, one-eyed monster known for his clever brain and big heart. He was the secondary main character (deuteragonist) in Monsters, Inc. and is voiced by Billy Crystal in the English version of the movie and by Noah Johnston in its sequel Monsters University.

He is, without any doubt, one of the most popular and loved characters in the history of animated movies.

What Makes the Mike Wazowski Meme so Iconic?

It’s easy to see why this little green guy became such an iconic figure – he makes us laugh!

He may be a monster, but his caring, kind, and brave personality won all of our hearts years ago. Combine that with the deadpan stare from Sulley’s face in the legendary photo, and you have a perfect recipe for a successful meme!

Your Turn

Now that you know what the Mike Wazowski meme is, we expect you will do your best to find the funniest examples out there and laugh your heart out.

Happy browsing!

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