How to End a Conversation – 10 Polite & Reliable Methods

Ending a conversation can be equally hard as joining it. There are many reasons you would like to end a conversation. It can be an uninspiring chat or an exciting discussion that just took too long. 

Irrespective of the reason, your time should be your priority, and you can directly ask people to excuse you, but what if there are better and more polite ways to do the job?  

In this article, we will give you our best methods on how to end a conversation.

Let’s get started!

how to end a conversation politely

#1 – Set Plans for Future Conversations:

Suppose you are looking for an escape for the moment. The conversation is interesting, but you need to be someplace else. In that case, one excellent and kind way is to ask the other person for a detailed conversation someday. By setting the date, the person next to you understands that you are interested in the conversation but short on time at the moment.

For example: Hey, I have to go now but let’s have a detailed talk on the topic this Thursday. Are you available?

#2 – Someone is Calling You:

If you are stuck in a long, boring conversation – a phone call can be an easy method of ending it. Ask someone you trust to call/text you with an excuse. If you don’t have anyone who can call you at the moment, you can try using fake call apps. This is a good method for escaping, but use it only in desperate situations.

#3 – Introduce Someone Else:

Often meetings tend to get boring when the other person keeps talking without a break. Hence, it is best to drag someone else into the conversation in such a situation and leave the rest onto them. 

The introduction will not only add a transition but will also get more interesting. The best thing is you will get a complete chance to leave politely as they both continue talking.

Example: Yes, this! My colleague Mike has a great experience on this topic, let me introduce him to you.

#4 – Mention the Time Constraint Upfront:

Whenever you begin talking to someone, apart from emergencies, you are already aware of the time you have available. You can mention that you have to catch up on a meeting, have some deadlines to meet, or some chores to do to give the person a hint that you are already short on time. 

Example: Hey! How are you doing? I am having a hectic week and a deadline to meet by 4 pm. Hopefully, I will make it in time.

Another thing you can try is the one more thing method.

“Before I go, there is one more thing worth mentioning…”

#5 – Use Your Gestures:

A polite and quick way to end a conversation is through gestures. If you are sitting, stand up. If you are standing, point your body towards the door. Facing away from the person will send a signal that you need to go.

You can even glance at your watch or the clock during the conversation. Additionally, grabbing your keys, purse, wallet, coat, etc., is another way to give off the getting late impression. 

Nodding is one more gesture that can signalize that you are in a hurry. If you nod frequently, the speaker’s subconscious mind will get the impression that you need to go.

Resultantly, the chances of the other person bringing the conversation close to the end increase significantly.

a dog waving

#6 – Get Back to the Initial Point of the Conversation:

Sometimes the other person dodges around the actual point of the conversation but never gets to the end. Factually, this is one of the most annoying and irritating things during conversations. It’s not always easy to tell a good story, there are usually many details, and the person can get lost. So, take them back to the point of discussion directly or indirectly to avoid further delay.

Example: We can talk all day; I got a bit confused with all the details. Could you tell me what the main storyline was?

#7 – Drop Some Relevant Excuses:

A common mistake that individuals make when attempting to end a conversation is giving vague excuses. Undoubtedly, you have the right to excuse yourself but do not make it sound inadequate. Furthermore, use good reasons and only fulfill your purpose of ending the conversation.


  • This got so interesting, I completely forgot that my mom is waiting for me to take her to the grocery. Sorry, I will catch you up later.
  • It was nice talking to you! I need to go; there is something I need to finish before 9.
  • I need to use the restroom.. It was nice catching up with you!

#8 – Assign a Task to the Person You are Talking to:

Often the other person indulges too much in a conversation with you. In such a situation, another way to abruptly bring the discussion towards the end is to tell them to do something by assigning them some random task.

Example: Hey, could you please help me compile the documents? We can continue the conversation with a cup of coffee, I really need to complete my work.

The girl having a boring phone call

#9 – Use Their Story to Bring it to an End:

A great tactic to end the conversation is by using their words to your benefit. A conversation is full of stories; you can pick any of theirs and tell them how amazing it was and how much you want to hear them with complete attention next time. The person will understand that you are clearly in a hurry.

#10 – Ending a Conversation Over Text:

Ending a conversation over text can be much easier than in person. We can say that we fell asleep, left our phone on silent, and no one will know if that is true. However, if you want to end the text conversation politely and fast – Here are some of the best tips on how to do it:

  • End the message with ‘Have a nice day.’
  • Tell them that it’s quite late and you need to go to sleep.
  • Mention that you need to finish something that you started.
  • Your mum just called you to help her out. 
  • You can say that you have an appointment and you need to go.

If you have a professional conversation with a client, you can try with:

  • Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.
  • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  • I will get down to work and get back to you when I complete the job. 
  • I wish you all the luck with the future project! Kind regards.
  • I am happy to help you if you need assistance. Have a nice week!
  • It was a pleasure working with you! 
man looking at his phone

Your Turn!

We are often stuck in boring situations. Practicing these methods will help you out when it comes to ending a conversation effortlessly. Pick your favorite techniques, remember them, and you are ready to go! Hopefully, this was helpful!

We are sorry, but we need to end this conversation! Let us know in the comments which method did you found the most efficient and why!

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