Learn How to Walk with Confidence (7 Simple Tips)

Confidence is the new way to make a statement. It is no longer merely a wanted quality in today’s time — it is a need.

The energy you radiate as you walk by, enter a room, or even shift your eyes says everything about you even before you have opened your mouth.

If you want to learn how to walk with confidence, keep reading the guide we have prepared for you!

How to walk with confidence? A confident man walking.

How to Walk with Confidence

With a general lack of self-esteem already too common nowadays, walking with confidence is truly a skill many desperately want to master.

Many people struggle with carrying themselves around others out of the fear of being judged. The light at the end of the tunnel is that walking with confidence can be learned and is only a matter of body language. The whole game revolves around being consciously aware of your movements.

In short, a confident walk brings with it a set of opportunities for forming a better self-image and leaving great impressions on those around us.

Learn to walk confidently with our first tip!

Tip #1 – Focus on Your Posture

A woman with a healthy posture doing yoga.

Good posture makes all the difference. Even the simple act of standing straight can completely change the way that people perceive you.

Slouching is a trait that we often see in shy or anxious people, especially when they feel others are watching them. Standing tall, on the other hand, is a quality that represents confident people.

It often happens that we slouch without consciously being aware of it. One way to fix this and learn how to walk with confidence can be to set mental reminders.

You can space these every two, three minutes, or so. When you bring your attention to it, do a quick check on your posture to help yourself maintain a healthy one.

Set mental reminders to check your posture every couple of minutes.

In this way, the way you stand gives off a confident and assured vibe.

Tip #2 – Maintain Eye Contact

Making eye contact with others seems like a very simple thing. Still, contrary to that notion, not many people can make and maintain eye contact with others.

The inability to do so shows a severe lack of confidence in your walk. Some people do pose the question as to how eye contact contributes to walking with confidence.

The answer to this?

It shows unwavering strength.

Walking with confidence and maintaining eye contact while doing so adds to the general perception of you being self-assured and confident.

Tip #3 – Don’t Fidget, It Communicates Nervousness

Many people tend to fidget when walking in a context where they perceive other people are looking. Fidgeting is a natural response. The sudden confusion flows in as you wonder what to do with your hands.

For instance, many people like to hold on to their phones. Some also pretend they’re texting or on a call. This habit does little to show that one is confident. It might even be doing the exact opposite.

A confident walk does not rely on gestures making you appear busy and important. Not at all.

A confident person would be able to stroll through anywhere without a distraction and look good while doing it! A good step for you to learn how to walk with confidence is to leave your phone out of your hands intentionally.

Tip #4 – Introduce Ease in Your Walk

One of the best ways to look and feel confident is to make sure your walk seems effortless. You can do this by ensuring that your shoulders do not look tensed up or as if they are holding some weight.

Moreover, showing that you are relaxed is a good way to feel that way as well.

A person who passes on the impression that whatever they are doing is effortless tends to inspire others and draw in their admiration. 

Here’s an idea! Next time you are walking in public, do not wonder what others think as you walk by them. Try to communicate through your body language that you are unbothered and blissfully unaware.

Tip #5 – Watch Your Step

Whether you take this literally or figuratively, watching your step is a good way to ensure that your walk is elegant and poised.

A confident person is neither too slow nor too fast. They don’t appear nervous and fleeting. This kind of walk creates the ideal balance for showing confidence!

The trick is to maintain just the right pace. You should pass on the message that you are neither anxious nor so dull not to be going anywhere important. This tip is easily applicable and is a good way to learn to walk with confidence.

Tip #6 – Radiate Authority

Have you heard the saying walk into a room as if you own it? If you’re not living under a rock, you probably have and religiously adhering to this saying does miracles!

Having an authoritative mindset can benefit one’s walk greatly.

People who walk like they owe no one automatically cancel out the fear of being judged, looked at, or laughed at by others.

So, if you’re a natural leadership prone person and you’re wondering how to walk with confidence, then just be the boss you are!

Tip #7 – Don’t Fear the Looks, Enjoy Them!

A confident man enjoying the attention.

A good rule to make a hard situation easy is a complete shift in perspective. Consider this a somewhat mild version of the glass half full metaphor.

Instead of being fearful of staring eyes, take it as an opportunity to bask in the glorious feeling of attention.

While most people don’t enjoy being the center of attention everywhere they go, it’s nice to feel noticed every once in a while.

If you learn how to walk with confidence and radiate self-belief with every step you take, you will be getting more curious looks than ever before. Expect this beforehand and consider it a token of appreciation for being so awesome!


Here is a short checklist of things you should keep in mind to walk confidently:

  • Stand tall. Maintain a healthy posture.
  • Set mental reminders to check your posture every couple of minutes.
  • Maintain eye contact with people who you are communicating with while walking.
  • Don’t fidget. 
  • Put your phone away if you don’t need it.
  • Walk at a moderate pace – not too slow, not too fast.
  • Embrace the attention your confident walk brings you!


Achieving a confident walk is dependent on these seven simple tips that you can practice and master in easy everyday life actions. 

Which of the tips did you find the most helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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