5 Little-known Tips on How to Be Fearless in Life

Life sometimes appears a tough pill to swallow, especially when we feel that fear gets the best of us. Since life is an unpredictable blend of what-ifs and consequences, feeling afraid is a normal part of life.

But when this fear becomes an obstacle towards us grabbing onto opportunities or putting ourselves out there, it is clear that it has become a problem in our being and inevitable progress.

The good news is that we can rid ourselves of unswerving fear whenever we want. The bad news is, it’s going to cost us effort.

If you’ve ever wondered or struggled with how to be fearless, whether it is in your general perspective or a particular life situation, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll be shedding light on how to be fearless in life.

How to be fearless? Young man preparing to run a sprint.

Who should read this guide?

We have created this comprehensive guide for everyone who struggles with achieving their biggest goals or is scared of dreaming big. You should never allow your fear to hold you back from improving your life.

Our goal is to help you defeat the little voice in your head that has sabotaged you time and time again.

Keep in mind that we are talking about general life challenges and obstacles here. If you are reading this guide to go skydiving and are afraid of your parachute not opening, maybe it won’t be 100% valuable to you. Some of the advice may be applicable, but it was not our intention behind it.

Without further ado, let’s start with tip number 1.

Tip #1 – Acceptance is the first step.

You’ve probably heard the line about acceptance and how it is the initial marker of a successful recovery.

Believe it or not, the same applies to fearlessness.

Accepting that you have fears and facing them head-on is the most fruitful thing you can do to set-mark the road to a better and more open life. Remaining in a state of denial regarding being afraid of certain situations will only pile the worries.

Being fully aware and acknowledging each of your fears is an excellent way to shape and conceptualize how to get over them.

You will only envision yourself without your fears when you know what each of them is.

So, don’t hesitate to own your fears, rather see them as potential possibilities for strength and growth in the form of challenges.

Tip #2 – Move on from ’embarrassment’.

You may not be too surprised to hear that most of the time, we hold ourselves back because we fear looking stupid or being humiliated in front of a crowd.

This might appear as a trivial thing. However, if you think long and hard enough, it is actually keeping you from pursuing so much.

How to overcome this? 

Always have this question in your mind: what is the worst possible thing that could happen if you embarrass yourself?

The truth is that embarrassment is a very subjective constraint. What people think about us only concerns them and their perspective and has little or nothing to do with us.

So, the sooner you’re able to absorb this, the sooner you’ll see that a fearless life expects you on the other side of the global scam of embarrassment.

Let’s move onto the third tip on how to be fearless.

Tip #3 – Find fearless inspiration.

The fastest route to become fearless is to surround yourself with people who can provide you with a solid vision of who and what you’d like to be.

Ensure the company you have are people who experiment with boundaries and are motivated to step outside of their self-created limits.

Watching as fearless people navigate through life can instill in us the drive and energy to do the same. The chances are that their desire to live fearlessly might have also been inspired by watching someone do the same.

If you want to have a firsthand experience of what being fearless entails, then pay attention to people you hang out with in your free time.

If you’re able to find someone who is truly courageous, then hold onto them and take all the inspiration you can!

A fearless, strong young woman.

Tip #4 – Get out of your comfort zone.

Yes, we know you have heard this a thousand times so far. Still, bear with us.

If you think about it, we made up the term comfort zone at some point in our existence, and now there is all this fuss about how being in it is ruining our lives.

We are not saying that it doesn’t make sense to use it as a construct. However, we shouldn’t allow it to define our identity.

Our words and actions determine who we are. Our comfort zone is what we decide it will be.

When you realize that nothing is holding you back from new things, except yourself and your thought process, your perspective widens. As a result, you automatically become one step closer to fearlessness. 

We need to overcome the mental aspects of what keeps us from crossing the border to the other side of our fears. By doing that, we empower our decisions and actions immediately.

Tip #5 – Contemplate on the worst-case scenario.

Look at us – trying to create pessimists out of our readers! Of course, that’s not our goal.

Here we want to talk about a more realistic approach to the glass half-full and half-empty perspective.

Try picturing the worst possible thing that can happen in a particular situation or the worst outcome of a decision you’re about to make.

Once you’ve pictured this, use the principles we mentioned above – acceptance and moving past the self-proclaimed barrier of embarrassment. Accept that you are afraid of the outcome or eager to avoid being judged for making the wrong decision.

Our goal is to understand that even the most horrible thing that could happen won’t affect us as long as we don’t let it.

It’s not about the outside circumstances. It is about our thoughts and actions in the face of those circumstances.

The fear that we have within us is our own creation. When this realization dawns on us, there is very little that can hold us back.

So what if the very worst happens? Keep asking yourself this in situations that seem to trigger you with the fear of the unknown.

Your Turn

The art of becoming fearless relies on our ability to get into our minds and break through our limitations.

Which of our tips did you find the most useful?

Tell us your story about overcoming a great fear in your life in the comment section below.

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